How to Curl Small Curls on Short Hair

If your short, wavy hair has soft waves, try curling it with a small barrel wand to achieve smooth yet natural-looking waves. When finished, mist some light hold hair spray onto the curls to keep them in place.

Hair rollers offer a stress-free solution to achieve stunning curls without risking heat damage. First, wash and blot your locks before clipping and tucking them out of the way before rolling them.

A cute bun for short hair can be an easy way to keep the locks out of your face without feeling like you have to put in extra effort. Perfect for any event and season, this style adds interest and versatility.

To achieve this hairstyle, apply a smoothening serum to your locks before parting them down the center. Next, use a medium barrel curler to cut small sections away from your face using small cells. Finally, gather up all your locks into two mini space buns using clear elastic and secure them using clear elastic before adding a headband for an edgier look.

Add romance and femininity to your bun by accessorizing it with a single white flower accessory for a beautiful, girly touch on your wedding day! This is an elegant option that’s sure to stand out.

Pin curls were initially developed for medium-length hair, but short locks can benefit significantly from pin curls as an effortless and heat-free style to create volume and tight coils on short waves. While pin curls may appear easy enough, proper technique must be utilized as results can look messy without appropriate direction.

Working with damp, detangled hair, begin by wrapping one-inch sections around your index fingers (the more fingers you use, the bigger your curls will become). Slide off each finger onto your head in an “X” formation before securing each pin securely against its scalp with pin clips – then repeat for all nails before taking it out all at once! Allow each one to cool before taking down more pins from another part.

Once the pins are removed, gently finger-comb apart each coil to soften its tight coil look and shape your style. For extra hold and flyaway control, spritz Texturizing Wave Spray. Finally, finish by dabbing Honey Infused Hair Oil over flyaways for a practical finish.

Roller sets are an effective solution to achieve both lush curls and cute ringlets and have long been used in the natural hair community as they create stunning looks without too much heat or product usage.

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair for optimal results. Use a leave-in conditioner with aloe extract to moisturize strands while minimizing frizz, or add definition with SheaMoisture Coconut