Color Ideas For Chocolate Brown Hair

Chocolate brown is a timeless hue, suitable for virtually all skin tones. From light to dark shades, you can spice up the look in numerous ways, using highlights and lowlights to complete the look.

Add a tropical twist with auburn ribbon highlights

These brightening highlights add depth and dimension to chocolate brown locks while complementing olive or dark complexions.

Midnight Blue Lowlights

Take your tresses to the next level with midnight blue lowlights that add dimension without overshadowing a dark chocolate base. It is ideal for women with dark brown strands and cool skin tones.

Warm Coffee Hair

This look combines gold tints, blonde hues, and light and dark brown tones to produce an irresistibly delicious shade reminiscent of your morning cup of joe.

Honey Glaze Strands

This technique uses golden highlights that lighten the ends of your strands naturally. Perfect for choppy bobs and pixie cuts.

Ginger Ribbon Highlights

Combine a vibrant red ombre with coppery tones throughout your strands for maximum impact this summer season.

Ruddy Tints

It complements olive skin tones and brings life to dark chocolate brown strands. It can be achieved with a subtle balayage of red and orange highlights or an ombre style.

Milk Chocolate Balayage

It looks beautiful on any length strands, particularly ideal for braided styles. Adds caramel and bronze ribbons for a sun-kissed effect.

Indigo Ends

Vibrant blue shade that works beautifully on cool-toned brunettes with long, wavy hair.

High-Gloss Hair

Add blonde tones for an irresistibly rich, sun-kissed style perfect for cooler skin tones.

Subtle Highlights with Balayage

Effortless style with minimum maintenance. Try milk chocolate and espresso hues for a warm yet sophisticated appearance.

Copper Money Piece

Highlight face-framing strands with a trendy copper shade for an eye-catching accent color.

Chunky Face-Framing Highlights

Instantly transform your complexion with chunky face-framing highlights. Experiment with new hues without committing to a complete head dye job.

Blonde Money Pieces

Add a pop of color to your face frame with blonde money pieces on chocolate brown hair. Consider other hues based on your appearance and skin tone.