Cheap Hairstyles

Sparkling up your everyday hair can instantly elevate it! A stylish bow at the base of a ponytail or metallic charms on pigtails are two quick and effective ways to bring out its best qualities. This adorable half-up look is excellent for weddings, summer events, or simply running out the door to catch the bus. Team it with Grace Eleyae’s stylish hat to protect your strands from harsh weather conditions.

1. Braided Half-Up

Showcase your delicate ombre waves in a chic braided half-up hairstyle! This will look fantastic for casual weekend trips or romantic date night dates! No matter your hair length, this braided crown braid style will look mesmerizing! Add an eye-catching scrunchie or other accessories for an eye-catching finish to this stylish ensemble.

2. Side-Swept Half-Up

Women with straight hair can try this casual side-swept glam look perfect for special events and nights out with friends. Add an element of glamour by adding glitter or pinning some pretty pins for hold. Make sure your style stays put with AG’s Mousse Gel Extra-Firm for extra robust storage, or more drama; add temporary hair chalk in any of the desired colors for an eye-catching, edgy effect.

3. Half-Up with Bow

Bows are an adorable way to add feminine charm and volume to any hairstyle, whether for special occasions such as holidays or everyday wear. A flipped ponytail featuring a bow will garner lots of compliments! This style works best on wavy or straight locks that can be pulled back into a ponytail. Use a teasing brush to tease volume before finishing the look with some bobby pins for an eye-catching finish.

4. Side-Swept Half-Up with Braids

Try this style if you’re searching for an elegant and effortless half-up hairstyle to wear to a formal event. The double fishtail braids add an airy, delicate element to this look. This style works particularly well on women with long layers, although it looks great on medium or short-length hair. For an enhanced look, apply flexible hold hairspray such as Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker to give this look more polish.

Add a bow to any side-swept hairstyle for an adorable finish! Use ribbon to tie a ponytail, loop it around a bun, or weave it throughout braids for added charm. Experiment with different textures, such as tulle for a bridal feel, velvet for romance, and burlap for rustic charm! This look works best on medium to long lengths, though it can also be styled back into short styles.

If you have medium-length hair and are searching for an exciting semi-formal look for an evening out, try crimping and braiding it into a half-up twisted halo style. This style works wonders in lengthening facial structures and pairing well with either single-colored or streaked locks. If you have longer locks, braid them into two Dutch braids and pin them securely into place for a chic hairstyle that works well on medium to thick strands. This look works incredibly well.

This braided half-up hairstyle may be needed for a boho style for prom or homecoming. Its messy yet deep side parting accentuates cheekbones and is secure with bobby pins and hairspray. A romantic look for formal occasions, a halo of loose braids makes a captivating impression. Make the look your own by roughing up or leaving out curly tendrils for added softness.

Pin thin braids up to one side for an elegant, romantic side-swept style in minutes – don’t forget hairspray to ensure it holds! Soft curls pinned low in the back can flatter any face shape. Enhance this attractive style with an ornament or piece of jewelry for an eye-catching addition, then secure them using Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker flexible hold hairspray.

While side-swept hairstyles often connote long waves with cascading bangs, medium to short-length hair also looks beautiful when pulled over one shoulder. Yara Shahidi adds a feminine touch with loose braids she secured firmly into place for added charm. To achieve this look, apply some mousse to tangle-free locks and sweep them over one shoulder. Pin any wisps that stray, and add some hairspray spritz.

Explore your inner Khaleesi with this braid-meets-ponytail style from Arden Cho, which looks fantastic on any single-color mane or ombre locks. She adds extra flair by merging two corner sections at the crown for added vintage charm. This flat twisted chignon hairstyle is ideal for natural wedding looks or events requiring classy sophistication. To achieve it, a high-quality flexible hold hairspray should be used.