Cheap Braid Hairstyles

Jumbo Box Braids

– Braids are a great protective style for moisture and natural hair growth.

– Jumbo box braids are a luxurious and fun option for all hair lengths.

– They can be styled with various accessories and complement different hairstyles.

Straight-Back Braids

– This classic protective style looks beautiful in any color or thickness.

– Experiment with different hues and add silver rings and beads for a personal touch.

– Fed-in braids, which simulate long cornrows, are trendy for dark skin tones.

Jumbo Cornrows

– Jumbo cornrows are perfect for people with longer, thicker hair.

– They can be embellished with gold thread or beads for a dramatic effect.

– Ideal for nights out, they offer a bold and stylish look.

Sexy Braided Pony

– This ’90s-inspired style combines cornrows and box braids in a high ponytail.

– Suitable for red carpet events, it can be accessorized with earrings and bracelets for extra flair.

Passion Twist Braids

– Passion twists are elegant and showcase textured hair beautifully.

– These twists can be worn in many styles and accessorized with scrunchies and head scarves.

– Avoid washing braids to maintain their health and prevent breakage.

Braided Bun

– The braided bun is an effortless yet chic hairstyle for any occasion.

– Texturizing powder or dry shampoo can add texture to the braids.

– Marley twists create this stunning style with minimal upkeep.

High Ponytail

– The high ponytail is a timeless style that can be dressed up or down.

– Braided sections can be added for texture and visual interest.

– A loose and twisted side braid can elevate the elegance of the high ponytail.