3b Curly Hairstyles

3b curls are drier than other curly hair types and require an intensive moisture regimen of masks, gels, and lightweight oils. Furthermore, these coils must be handled gently to not damage their delicate structures. Here are 25 charming ways to style 3b curly hairdos that will leave everyone envious: retro accessories to sleek ponytails.

Claw Clip Hairstyle

Claw clips are timeless classics that add sophistication and elegance. Perfect for curly locks who want a different style change, claw clips make pulling up and securing one’s hair simple with just one clip! TikTok user Sariyay offers another unique twist by creating a twisted ponytail at the base of her hair and fastening a claw clip to it for an effortless, chic style that stands out. If you don’t have time to create a full updo, use a small claw clip as an accessory on space buns or messy updos. Just be sure that it has teeth with closer spacing between them to avoid getting caught on any hair!

High Pigtails

3b curls are springy and bouncy – making them the ideal compromise between 3a and 3c hair types. This curly texture type typically features rings with the circumference of a Sharpie marker. It tends towards frizziness when left alone, so leave-in moisturizers should be used regularly, as well as hair masks, to provide added care for this texture type. Make the most of your curls with this adorable high pigtail hairstyle featuring dainty ribbon accents! To achieve this look, tie low pigtails on either side of your head, braid each one towards elastics for an eye-catching bow effect, and heat style your locks only when necessary – using heat-repellent products and getting regular trims will also protect strands.

High Ponytail

A timeless trend from the 1990s, high ponytails remain an elegant yet effortless style for long hair. Sleek them backward for a polished finish, or leave it slightly messy to add volume – either way, this look works excellent on all textures and occasions! This stylish look starts with soft Hollywood curls achieved with a large barrel curling wand; then, you can pancake your hair for added dimensional curves before accessorizing with either a statement hair bow or even soft side bangs for an eye-catching finish. Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion rock this high ponytail with side braiding for an ultra-sleek yet chic look – ideal for medium-length locks! Wearable anytime from work to date night!

Sleek Curls

If you have 3b hair, its springy coils may include loose ringlets and tight corkscrews – an excellent compromise between 3a and 3c curls. Due to the dry nature of this curl pattern, you will require various moisturizing products to achieve a hydrated and gorgeous appearance. A deep conditioner should become part of your regular haircare regimen; its penetration through strands hydrates