Anime Characters with Blue Hair: Unique Anime Hair Style Ideas

If you’re looking for some characters with blue hair, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss Rei Ayanami, Kuruko, Touka-chan, and Saiko Yonebayashi. Whether you’re a manga or anime fan, you’re sure to find a character with blue hair you love.

Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami is an anime character that belongs to the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. A typical anime character, Rei is the First Child and the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00. She is a female protagonist who has blue hair. She is also known as Black Star. She is the last member of the Star Clan and is considered a “Warrior God”.

Her blue hair is not just a cosmetic feature. She is actually a clone. Several versions of Rei are created in basement test tubes, but only three are produced in the main series. The toast-chomping Rei also makes an appearance in the alternate reality sequence. The three Reis look the same at birth. This is due to the fact that Gendo Ikari had to fish through the LCL left in Unit-01 to find the original Rei.

Rei Ayanami is a popular anime character in Japan. Her character archetype has been copied by other characters, such as Yuki Nagato in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Rei is unsettling and mysterious, and her blue Hair is an additional trait.

Blue heads are often seen as teachers and advisers. Although they have a strong sense of justice, they are not particularly emotional. Their long-term goal is to become stronger in battle. They may be seductive, but they are also dangerous.


If you have ever wondered why Kuroko has blue hair, you are not alone. In Japanese theater, the word “kuroko” means “stagehand” and is used to describe a person who assists in a performance. In the Kabuki drama, for instance, a stagehand will come out to hold props. He will usually wear black clothing and is often referred to as a shadow. His name is fitting for his personality and his style of play.

Unlike most basketball players, Kuroko has a very fragile outlook on life. She is small and has a slender build. She has blue hair and blue eyes. She also has a blank stare and pale skin. She wears a red, black, and white Seirin jersey, but is sometimes seen wearing black sweatbands. She is also seen passing by the other players. While she may not have a lot of personality traits, she is quite sweet.

Having blue Hair can be a good indicator that someone is intelligent. Blue hair is not the typical color of human Hair, and it is an artificial color that is dyed. The shades of blue can range from light turquoise to dark blue, depending on personal preference. Some blue haired anime characters are tsundere-like and shy.

In Kuroko no Basuke, a character’s effectiveness depletes after 40 minutes of use. However, since the anime is so short, Kuroko isn’t a good example of the same trait.


In anime and manga, Touka-chan has blue hair. Her personality is defined by a combination of kindness and rage. Her character arc revolves around this trait coming to the forefront. Originally a ghoul, Touka grew up angry and mistrustful of humans, but as she grew older she began to open up to them. She is tall, with blue hair and long bangs, and her right eye is covered.

Touka is also adopted by a human family. Although she is an outsider, she works to help others. She takes a step closer to humans when she is needed, and she cooperates with people. However, when she is attacked by a detective, she kills him for revenge. However, she later admits that killing for revenge is wrong. In spite of her tough exterior, she has a soft side and is an active member of the Anteiku stability team.

In the manga, Touka’s blue Hair is a common color for female characters. The manga and anime adaptations feature several other characters with similar hair color. In the manga and anime series, Touka-chan has blue hair more often than not. The color of the hair is the result of her blue eyes and light, fluffy locks. In the anime, blue hair is a character trait that’s often associated with cute characters.

Touka-chan is an 18-year-old ghoul. She works part-time as a waitress in Anteiku while also attending high school. She is very protective of her ghoul identity. She is calm and a strong fighter, but she can be rash when defending herself. She is the second strongest ghoul in the series, only slightly weaker than Renji. In the anime, Touka is a guide and a trainer for Kaneki.

Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko Yonebayashi has a very blue hair color. She is introduced as a lazy character who does not like to work and prefers to live a carefree life. She also tends to oversleep a lot. Her weight is never revealed but she is always shown to be overweight. Saiko also lacks confidence and motivation.

This is very rare. Blue is an artificial color so it is usually seen in anime, but the shades of blue used for a character can be different from each other. The shade of blue Saiko Yonebayashi has is usually deep blue. This is a good choice because it adds to her charm.

Saiko Yonebayashi has a long, flowing blue hair. The blue color matches her eyes and skin tone. She is a ghoul that lives among humans. Her parents were killed, so she is naturally kind, and takes care of Hinami. She is part of the stability team in Anteiku.


In the anime series Gurren Lagann, the character Kamina has blue hair. She was given a Pistol by Yoko. Kamina accidentally shoots herself in episode 2 with it, but later learns how to handle it properly. She only shot it three times before ditching it, so it’s possible that she never knew firearms could be reloaded.

While Kamina is a fierce fighter, she is also a charming character with a sense of humor. She is very charismatic and inspires Simon to achieve great things. Her blue hair adds an extra touch of beauty to her look. Despite her cockiness, Kamina is an extremely loyal friend to Simon.

Kamina is a fast learner. In the third episode, she impressed Yoko by using ranged weapons. In episode five, she defeated Viral by using her Nodachi, and by the end of the series, she is an expert Gunmen pilot. Although Kamina still needs some practice to master her weapons, she has shown that she is now far superior to Viral.

Kamina’s outfit is bold and flashy. She has long dark brown pants with a double-grommet belt. She wears red sunglasses, which are her trademark. She also has blue-haired arms and legs. She carries a sword in her hand as a symbol of her rebellious nature.


Suzuno is an animated character who wears a traditional Japanese outfit. The character has blue hair that’s worn in a side ponytail. She also wears a red flower clip on her head. Her powers are Sleep Magic and Enhanced Strength. While she is not an expert on the world, she enjoys helping others.

Despite her bloody past, Suzuno has a good heart. She is a friend of Emi and Chiho and has a deep respect for demons. Her initial mission was to watch over the execution of Maou so he would return to Ente Isla. However, her mission is abandoned when she sees the destruction being inflicted by Archangel Sariel. She later becomes disillusioned with the Church and laments the corruption that the Demon King has brought upon it.

While Suzuno characters with blue hair often display a unique look, it is not uncommon for female characters to have blue hair. Many anime characters with blue hair display different types of personality and dressing styles. Moreover, blue hair can be a very attractive feature for a woman.

Akiko is another example of a blue-haired anime character. She is a medium-sized woman with large breasts and wears an off-white robe and black headpiece. She is the leader of team Gurren and a member of the Jeeha village. Despite her small stature, she demonstrates exceptional intelligence and synchronizes well with her team.

Anime Characters With Blue Hair

There are many comic book characters with blue hair, such as Beast, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Proxima Midnight. Some have blue hair permanently, while others have blue hair for a brief period. This list of comic book characters with blue hair is by no means complete, though, so we encourage you to add to it!


Although blue hair isn’t common in real life, it can be a beautiful feature to see in anime. This unique coloring is highly symbolic in anime, indicating a character’s intellectual status or a quiet, melancholic personality. Here are a few examples of anime characters with blue hair.

Unlike real life, anime characters with blue hair are usually girls. Most of these characters are female, and many of them have heightened senses of sight and hearing. A popular example is Ban, who is the strongest of the seven deadly sins. This character is also immortal, which makes his fights incredibly exciting.

Anime characters with blue hair have a variety of personalities, but there are a few that stand out for their uniqueness. For example, Myu, the dagon girl from Arifuereta, is often described as having wavy blue hair and innocent green eyes. The blue color of her hair is a distinctive feature of the Dagon race.

Another character with blue hair is the lead character from the classic anime series Sailor Moon. Her blue hair makes her seem mysterious and mystical, but her unique style of role play makes her an engrossing character. Whether she’s acting on stage or fighting wild dogs, Hinata is an intelligent and charming character. She synchronizes perfectly with her team, and manages her tasks with optimum intelligence.

Anime characters with blue hair often have personalities that contrast with their personalities and are difficult to portray through dialogue. This is especially true for male characters. As a result, they tend to be second choices or second-choices for many roles. Although these characters are often soft-spoken, they show intelligence and are often second choices in relationships.

Video games

Blue hair is a popular look for video games characters, especially for female characters. The look is bold and says that the character isn’t afraid of anything. While many gamers prefer to remember the characters based on their roles, the hair color of certain characters is memorable. If you’ve ever played one of these games, you’ll likely remember the blue hair on one of the female characters.

Many characters in the Fire Emblem series have blue hair, including Marth, Sigurd, Hector, Ike, and Celice. Other characters with blue hair include Alm and Celica, Sonic, and Rock/Mega Man. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as Erika and Ephraim.

Another example is the character from the freeware game Cave Story. This character has green hair, which would blend in with the game’s cave settings. The creator of this game also decided to go with green hair instead of black for his character, because black hair would not stand out well against the caves.

Blue hair is an unusual color for human hair, but there are some examples. Persona 2’s Eikichi is blue, while Naoto and Kou from Persona 4 have blue hair. The Lunar series is also full of characters with unusual hair colors. For instance, Luna is described as a “pretty blue lady.”

Many video games characters have unusually bright hair colors. In the Super Robot Wars franchise, there are characters with blue or green hair. Xenahort and his variations also have blue or purple hair. Other characters with unnaturally bright colored hair include Sue and Leila. In Kingdom Hearts, the characters with blue hair include Princess Kaguya, Sephiroth, Aqua, and Marluxia.


In the world of comic books, blue hair is not an uncommon trait. This blue coloring does not always correspond with villains. However, there are a few villains who do sport this color. One example is OMAC Prime, created by Max Lord to fight Wonder Woman. These OMACs are made from Absorption Cell Technology. These characters are usually cyborgs that have been transformed by a virus.

Blue is usually associated with sadness, but it is also associated with some of the most powerful superheroes. It signifies power, courage, swiftness, and willingness to succeed. It is also the primary color, and is a main ingredient of many other colors. Superheroes with blue hair have been a popular part of the comic book industry for years, and their popularity continues to grow.

Many comic book fans associate the blue haired superheroes with Superman, but there are other heroes with this coloring. For example, Superman’s sister, Supergirl, has blue hair. These characters all have strong personalities, but it is important to note that some are fictional. Regardless of their origins, superheroes with blue hair have proven themselves to be worthy heroes.

Although some people may not know that they can be superheroes with blue hair, Hank McCoy’s hair color can help them in their mission. The original Hank McCoy was a human mutant with big feet and incredible strength. His mutation manifested over time, and he eventually turned into the blue lovable X-Man that we know and love today.

Having blue hair does not automatically make someone a hero. It can also make a person look feminine. Superheroes with blue hair have a darker color. In addition to blue hair, there are characters with purple hair who can help with various tasks. The dark blue hair of Supergirl is a sign of a superhero’s darker side, and she also has many problems. But she is brave and willing to fight for what she believes in.

Assassination Classroom

The Assassination Classroom series features several characters with blue hair. One of the most famous characters is Nagisa Shiota. This is an incredibly popular character who is one of the series’ main protagonists. She has long, blue hair and an androgynous appearance. She is frequently mistaken for a girl because of her blue hair, but she has an inborn talent for assassination.

The color of a person’s hair is one of the first things that people notice about them. This is why hair dye comes in so many crazy colors, and it is often linked to a certain personality trait or emotion. That’s why anime characters have such colorful hair, and Assassination Classroom takes full advantage of this effect to highlight characters and reveal plot twists.

Nagisa is a character in the series who is known for being a peacemaker but is also a target of assassination plots. In the episode “Classroom 3E,” Nagisa is used as bait in the episode and ends up exploding a grenade around his neck.

Kaede Kayano is another character with blue hair in Assassination Classroom. She is the younger sister of Classroom 3-E’s teacher, Akari Yukimura. Her method acting makes her one of the most extreme characters in the series. She has the most difficulty distinguishing between her two personalities.

The main character in Assassination Classroom has blue hair. She is a hinata, a female with blue hair. Despite being a man, she has a very feminine appearance, which makes her an attractive candidate for dating in the anime series. Although she has blue hair, she wears it like a female.

Life Is Strange

Chloe Price is a character in the Life is Strange video game series. She is the protagonist of the series. The series’ first episode, Before the Storm, was a solid prequel. Chloe is the daughter of William and Joyce Price and the stepdaughter of David Madsen. In the game, she is portrayed by actress Ashly Burch and actor Rhianna DeVries. The character has received positive reviews from video game publications.

The game’s blue-haired protagonists have different personalities and backgrounds. Some of them are more complex than others, and some of them are good while others are bad. This complexity is a key component of Life is Strange. People are complex, and Dontnod hopes to reflect that complexity in the game.

Chloe has a comedic personality. She is a fiery best friend to Max. While Chloe’s personality is a major part of the game’s story, there’s also a darker side to the game. Chloe has a troubled past. Her family tragedy has caused her to be angry and sad. In the game, she struggles with these emotions and is incredibly relatable.

Although her blue hair might seem unusual, she plays an important role in the game. She has problems and struggles, but she’s always willing to stand up for herself. She also has a long, dark blue hair. Her character is memorable for her hair, and many gamers love to play her in a cosplay setting.

Those with blue hair may be able to relate to Max and Chloe. They are friends, and Max tries to make her happy. They bond over their shared experiences. Despite their differences, their lives can be completely twisted.