How to Go From Black to Purple Hair

Purple Hair – A Trend for All Skin Tones

Dying one’s hair purple may require bleach, depending on the shade. However, if bleach is too intimidating, use a semi-permanent hair color instead. To maintain the vibrant purple hue, using color-protecting products when shampooing regularly is essential.

Dark Purple Balayage – A Bold and Artistic Look

A dark purple balayage is a striking hairstyle that combines various shades of color. This look is perfect for those who enjoy wearing bright hair colors like amethyst and violet. It creates an artistic masterpiece for Insta-worthy results when paired with a blunt cut style. It is also an excellent option for those with medium brown or blonde hair who want to try a more natural-looking purple blending technique without bleaching all their locks simultaneously.

Silvery Lavender Shade – A Low-Maintenance Option

Try a silvery lavender shade that transitions into lilac for a low-maintenance option. This color combination works well for those with dark roots and lighter ends. It creates an attractive color melt without requiring a complete hair transformation.

Peek-a-Boo Hair – Subtle Two-Toned Coloring

Peek-a-boo hair is a popular color trend that involves dyeing only certain strands while leaving others natural. It offers a subtle way to rock colorful hues without fully committing to a rainbow look. This style looks stunning on various hair textures, from wavy to straight locks. It is a great way to add contrast and depth to layered haircuts. To maintain its longevity, use shampoo, conditioner, and treatments specifically formulated for colored hair. Stock up on semi-permanent dye to refresh the color when needed.

Purple Roots – Dip or Ombre for Color

Consider dipping your hair or experimenting with an ombre look to add color. This style is particularly suitable for bobs or layered cuts as it is subtle and not overpowering for an office setting. Dark grape purple is an eye-catching hue that complements darker hair colors and makes the face appear slimmer. It is also surprisingly beautiful on black hair. It is essential to use a toner beforehand to achieve a clean bleach-blonde base before dyeing the hair with purple dye or spray. Testing the style with temporary paint or spray is recommended before committing fully.

Purple Highlights – Striking and Subtle

Dark purple highlights can be both striking and subtle. Combining pastel lavenders and pinks with curly or wavy locks creates a feminine and girly look. Purple highlights can add depth and mystery to any hairstyle. Vibrant violet balayage works well on blonde or light brown hair, while more subdued ombre blending with black hair softens the transition from black to purple highlights. Those afraid of trying bold colors can opt for a dark purple ombre. The choice of cool violet or muted blue shades depends on skin tones. Regular touch-ups are necessary as this shade tends to fade quickly.