How to Add Black to Purple Hair

Purple hair can make a statement; however, it might not be for everyone!

Dark hair can be dyed in various shades, though bleaching is usually required to reach certain hues.

1. Ombre

An excellent way to add pops of color without fully committing to one shade is with an ombre hair technique.

The coloring process begins with darker hues at the roots and gradually transitions into lighter ones at the ends, creating an attractive gradient effect.

This style is excellent for those who want a hint of purple but need more time or energy to transform their whole head with dyeing techniques such as this.

This sexy look features an exquisite pink-purple ombre effect, created with expert blending. The colors flow so smoothly it is impossible to tell where one color ends and another begins. Plus, this style works for all skin tones and hairstyles!

Add an eye-catching accent to this black-to-purple ombre with some vibrant lilac highlights for a rich finish. These pastel tones add more dimension and help make your hair stand out more.

2. Bleach

Bleaching should always be used before dying your natural black hair purple; it lightens it and increases your chances of creating vibrant results.

However, if bleaching your hair is too drastic, temporary hair color sprays and pens may still provide the look without bleach.

They don’t penetrate as deeply into your strands as bleach does and typically last 3-6 shampoo washes before needing another application.

If you opt for a semi-permanent hair color, make sure that you inform your stylist of exactly which shade of purple you desire so they can match it correctly.

Use clarifying shampoo after dying so all dye is rinsed out effectively; avoid sulfate-based shampoos, which can strip hair faster of its color; conditioner after passing can also help retain color longer, while regularregular masks can keep hair healthy and vibrant.

3. Highlights

Purple hair highlights are an easy and cost-effective way to add flair and individuality to your style without going too far outside your comfort zone.

The results could be dramatic or subdued depending on which shade of purple you use – so choose wisely!

Deep violet shades create a stunning dark purple that complements your natural hue beautifully.

However, before using this hue on your locks, be prepared for extra steps such as bleaching.

This look features an understated purple hue that may only become apparent after closely examining your locks.

Pair this hue with blunt bangs in Hollywood waves style for a striking appearance sure to attract likes on Instagram and extend its vibrancy by including a purple highlight treatment as part of your daily haircare regimen, which also helps prevent dryness and brittleness.

4. Galaxy

Galaxy hair can create a genuinely alien aesthetic.

This trend combines blues, purples, and green hues for an outer space-inspired look.

This style’s charm lies in its versatility: you don’t need to go all-out regarding hair coloring!

Instead, take a more measured approach and have your stylist add stripes instead of swirls for maximum impact – perfect for shorter locks that need something different than regular coloring techniques!

Note that this style requires commitment, as it requires bleaching and the application of permanent hair pigments.

Therefore, it’s wise to consult an experienced stylist when looking for this technique.

In addition, color-safe shampoo and conditioner should be used regularly to prevent hues from fading too rapidly; you should also expect touch-ups at least every six weeks.