Anime Hairstyles For Men

Anime hair tends to be drawn in clumps rather than individual strands because this makes the process of drawing faster when creating multiple frames or panels of manga or animation. This style of hair is fairly common among shonen protagonists. Begin by sketching their head and hairline, before adding in any necessary hair clumps that might cover one eye (or not).

Male Cartoon Character Hairstyles

Hairstyles of male cartoon characters can provide insight into their personalities or eras. A cartoon character with short hair might symbolize modern men who take risks without fear. While those sporting long locks could represent old-fashioned or traditionalist individuals.

Female Cartoon Character Hairstyles

Female cartoon characters showcase various hairstyles. A princess might sport long, curly blonde locks styled into an up-do. Another girl may opt for short blond locks styled into a sleek ponytail–this look would suit a school girl or someone wanting to look chic and sophisticated.

Anime hair styles are highly sought-after by boys and men due to their stylish appearance. Anime hair can usually be found on characters from Japanese anime shows or manga, such as Goku’s hair from Dragon Ball, Hinata Shoyo’s from Haikyuu, or L. Lawliet from Death Note; its main feature being its spiky texture with pink or red tinting that’s set into place using hair spray. Sebastian Michaelis of Kuroshitsuji also sports this style of hair. His dark black locks typically remain in ponytail or bun styles with either side parted hair for added charm, reflecting his suave yet charming nature. Mandy from Family Guy is an example of someone with short blonde hair that is neatly styled into a tight knot behind their ears, reflecting her intelligence and deadpan expression while simultaneously reflecting a seductive and alluring character trait. Dora from Arthur is another example of a girl with an endearing hairstyle. Her short blond locks were cut in a classic bob-style haircut popular among young girls in the 2000s; making this hairstyle ideal for exploring her environment and socializing mostly with boys. Betty Boop from “The Adventures of Betty Boop” stands out among female cartoon characters with cute hair, thanks to her short black locks and iconic flapper style that make her a memorable cartoon character.

Tips for Drawing Anime Hair

When drawing an anime character’s hair, begin by lightly sketching with pencil. Next, trace over these sketches with pen to add more detail; such as drawing more detailed clumps of hair. Thick paper helps when drawing cartoon character hair as it allows you to better see where lines should go; additionally a lightbox may assist you when it comes to tracing over hair and getting it just right. A good way to ensure success when drawing cartoon hair is practicing it on an old piece of paper before moving on to your final draft; by practicing you will have all bases covered!