Medium Length Natural Hair Cuts

Medium-length natural hair cuts offer versatility and are easier to maintain than longer styles, making them the perfect solution for those hesitant to go shorter with their style choices.

Songtress Brandy Norwood’s Natural Medium Length Kinks

Songtress Brandy Norwood opts for natural medium-length kinks trimmed into an ideal rounded shape suited to her style. Then, she arranges her coils into flat twists for a chic and sophisticated look that would look good no matter the event or setting.

Lob – A Timeless and Versatile Style

The lob cut is ideal for women looking to accentuate their femininity. Its timeless beauty and versatility can flatter all face shapes and textures.

Benefits for Straight Hair

Women with straight hair can benefit significantly from sporting a lob, providing an effortless yet sophisticated appearance that’s easy to care for.

Add Subtle Highlights

Adding subtle highlights with balayage techniques allows a lob to achieve a balanced, natural-looking shine.

Add a Vibrant Hue for a Dramatic Accent

Dyeing your lob a vibrant hue can add a unique and eye-catching accent to the style, adding flair and drama.

Bob – a Flattering Style for All

The classic bob cut is one of the most flattering hairstyles for any age and face shape, while also providing plenty of volume with its versatility and ability to work on both loose or wavy locks.

Discuss Style with Your Stylist

If you’re getting a bob cut, make sure that you discuss its style with your stylist beforehand to ensure a result you like rather than an unhappy experience with hair horror stories.

Cardi B’s Feminine Long Bob

Cardi B is known for her daring hair colors and dramatic styles, but this time, she went for something feminine with this long bob.

Soft Layers – Flattering and Chic

This style is ideal for medium-wavy hair and offers both flattery and chicness. The soft layers provide volume control while creating a natural-looking manner.

Choose the Right Hair Products

When styling this cut, use products tailored specifically for your hair texture.

Layers for All Hair Types

Layers are an excellent solution for every hair type, providing fullness in thin or delicate locks while creating movement in curly or wavy locks and relieving weight from thicker tresses.

Eye-Catching Twist with Ombre Highlights

Add ombre highlights at the top of your layers for an eye-catching twist to this classic cut for an added sexy factor.

Ombre – a Gradual Color-Fading Technique

Since the 2000s, ombre has become an increasingly popular hair trend. This gradual color-fading technique involves gradually transitioning your natural hair color from dark at its roots to lighter hues at its tips.

Less Maintenance Required

Contrasting with balayage, which uses smaller sections of hair to paint in color, ombre is often applied horizontally with full saturation, and less maintenance is needed.

Easier Maintenance with Color-Safe Products

You will still want to use color-safe shampoos and deep conditions regularly to keep your strands healthy and vibrant.

High Ombre for Medium Skin Tones

This high ombre begins as black at the roots and gradually transitions to caramel-blonde at its tips, suitable for cool medium skin tones with naturally dark hair.

Natural Curls – Timeless with Dimension

Medium-length natural haircuts featuring layers that emphasize waves and ringlets are timeless looks for those with naturally curly locks.

Add Dimension with Copper Highlights

A face-framing fringe and copper highlights add dimension to this cut.

Preserving Color and Hydration

Use sulfate-free shampoo and shea butter-rich conditioner to preserve color while keeping locks hydrated.

Create Defined Curls with Deva Cut

Request your stylist give you a Deva Cut and apply volumizing mousse before diffusing to enhance curls and volume.