Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles for 2020

1. Undercut with Long Bangs

This haircut combines an undercut with long bangs, drawing inspiration from characters like Tom Shelby from Peaky Blinders. It features a clean temple fade with a textured top. The contrasting elements make it a fashionable choice.

2. Mohawk

Mohawk haircuts, popularized in the 80s, continue to be stylish and are perfect for men with wavy hair. For a softer version, you can ask for feathered edges. The Short Mohawk Fade is a versatile style that allows you to experiment with top knots or comb-overs. Pairing it with a beard adds to the masculine look.

3. Fringe and Layers

Fringes can be an alternative to bangs and add a striking touch to your hairstyle. A sleek pixie cut with fringe is excellent for maintaining a professional appearance while showcasing your unique personality. Gel and a black suit can elevate this layered haircut.

4. Spiky Quiff

This hairstyle, popular among heartthrobs, is a tapered variation of the pompadour. It balances height and volume, making it suitable for everyone. With a high skin fade and well-groomed beard, this effortless style requires minimal upkeep. It can be achieved by applying hairspray and paired with a side part for a polished finish.

5. Two-Block Haircut

The two-block haircut is versatile and works well with different styles and hair textures. It looks excellent across lengths and can be complemented by curtain bangs highlighting the eyes. A slick middle or side-parted class with defined surface can effortlessly maintain this haircut.

6. Undercut with Long Fringe

For those who prefer textured cuts, this version of the curtain fringe showcases length and adds dimension. The bangs are swept to the side with layers for a multi-dimensional look. The low taper fades in this medium-length style create a unique appearance. It pairs well with wavy locks and can be maintained by combing it to one side and using a light hold pomade or gel.