Caramel Balayage For Medium hair

This technique is a popular choice for hair with a light base color, such as caramel. The resulting  is molten, with pale blonde and butterscotch streaks. The look is subtle, yet gorgeous and surprisingly flattering. Here are a few styling tips for this medium-length balayage. Start by styling that with loose curls to enhance the highlights. If you have medium-length, straight, or wavy locks, you can choose a style with lighter highlights to make the tresses appear fuller and more voluminous.

The latest trend in hair color is caramel balayage, a low-maintenance technique that results in multi-dimensional tresses. This color creates an almost molten sheath of glittering tresses with subtle streaks of pale blonde and butterscotch. Because of its low-maintenance requirements, caramel balayage is a great choice for medium-length to long hair.

If you have brown hair, you’ll love the look of caramel balayage in your medium-length locks. The color goes well with brunette, and its versatility means you can wear it with any outfit. A touch of cinnamon makes a stunning accent. You can use the color on your whole mane for a bright pop of color. Just make sure to use the correct blending agent. This method works best on darker tresses.