How Can You Braid Short Hair?

Even if your locks don’t meet the standards for popular braid styles, there are still plenty of adorable looks you can try out – from pixie cuts to bobs. There’s sure to be one perfect for every length and thickness!

All it takes to create these short hair braid styles are essential tools like rat tail combs and hair clips.

Here are our favorite short hair braid styles:


Cornrows are a timeless braid style and can be worn in various ways. To achieve this style, use a rat tail comb to create neat rows on the front of your head, with your strands separated into sections. Add beads for an even more dramatic look.

If you love your baby hair, try leaving them out of your cornrows for an attractive, romantic look. Alternatively, use edge control gel to tame and keep the eye neat. This style is paired with dark lipstick shade and looks sophisticated and ideal for special events!


Acing braided styles on short hair requires more than exceptional braiding skills; you also need a strong base that includes frequent washing and conditioning to ensure it holds up to protective styling techniques.

Wear a lace front wig if your natural hair is too short for cornrows. A lace front wig provides length and volume without cutting off ends; choose one with braided patterns for extra flair.

Start the installation of your wig by parting your hair into two equal sections and braiding each loosely, being careful that none are too tight, which could result in lumps underneath a wig. Wrap each braid around your head and pin them securely using bobby pins or toupee clips.


Hair extensions are pieces of human or synthetic hair installed into your natural locks to give them length and fullness. There are many colors and textures, and extensions can be taped in, woven in, or clipped on for installation.

An excellent hair extension choice for short braids would be one in the same color and texture/thickness as your natural locks. Tape-in extensions will work best if your natural locks are at least two inches long to blend seamlessly.

Strand-by-strand extensions, virtually undetectable in braids, will add length without being visible. They can give your braided style an updated, stylish and fashionable look.

Large Box Braids

If you want a protective hairstyle that’s eye-catching and easy to manage, try large box braids. This thick plait style comes in three categories depending on its size: small, medium, or jumbo.

Add extensions to your jumbo box braids for a fuller appearance and to add color. This style also works great if you want a splash of extra volume!

This look is ideal for girls who want to feel like queens daily. From clubbing and running errands to attending an event or simply running around town, a half-up hairdo like this will keep your braids out of your face while looking fashionable. Pair it with a bold color for maximum impact; additionally, it showcases your natural texture beautifully!

Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are an effortless way to add volume and length without the hassle of extensions, not to mention they look amazing with any outfit! Easy maintenance makes knotless braids the ideal solution.

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Add pomade or gel such as Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother to each section before braiding to achieve knotless braids.

Start braiding with three-strand sections and gradually add extension hair until all braids have been attached. To reduce frizz, use a light leave-in conditioner or moisturizer, such as SheaMoisture Moringa