New Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts offer more than just an adorable and easy look; layers, angles, and various lengths can also showcase plenty of character and add lots of zesty charm.

Long Pixie Haircuts

Long pixie haircuts are ideal for rounder faces and can effectively frame them. Their angled layers create gripping edges while texturizing the top surface.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixies can be styled to achieve various looks with relative ease, thanks to low maintenance requirements and styling accessories like headbands, barrettes, or pins.

Add a feminine touch to your pixie cut by adding face-framing bangs on either side of your forehead, adding drama while drawing attention to your eyes and lips. This will bring more focus to them both! Though typically associated with women with straighter locks, asymmetrical pixie cuts can also look stunning on those with curlier strands. Work a bit of hair product into your locks for an added body.

Choppy Pixie

Choppy pixies are an eye-catching way to transition into shorter styles, offering multiple styling possibilities depending on the texture and color of your hair. Depending on its characteristics, you can quickly transform this haircut to fit into various fashion trends.

Make your choppy hair punk rock-esque with wax or hair spray, or soften and feminize your look using texturizing shampoo. Choppy pixie haircuts suit all face shapes regardless of hair length or style preference. With different style options such as angled or wavy hair and side-swept bangs available, one will surely be suitable for you.

Textured Pixie

Texturing can add depth and femininity to a pixie haircut, making it more feminine and versatile. A dash of pomade can create an unstructured, messy aesthetic perfect for thick hair; alternatively, softer texturizing will highlight the natural volume in each strand.

For an edgier style, consider a faux hawk-style pixie cut featuring angular buzzed sections with razored lines shaved into them and longer top layers that fall to one side. This dramatic yet versatile cut works for most hair thicknesses. Bold hair colors add dramatic flair, making it simple to pair them with a choppy pixie haircut for maximum impact and youthful appeal. Additionally, this cut will frame the face while emphasizing features for an appealing appearance.

Layered Pixie with Bangs

Angled layers create exciting edges and textures that frame the forehead of elongated faces, and adding bangs makes this pixie haircut genuinely eye-catching! Show this eye-catching cut to clients who like looking bold and confident!

This layered pixie is an excellent solution for ladies with thin hair. The finely chopped layers will add much-needed volume, while its side parting creates an adorable volumetric asymmetry. Furthermore, this chic style is easy to maintain: give your waves some movement with some products or apply some waves directly through them before spraying with strong-hold hairspray to keep it all in place and protect it from frizzing out!

Asymmetric Pixie with Bangs

Pixie haircuts offer a distinct and fun option for women who want something distinctive. It works on all hair textures and face shapes, and can easily be enhanced to appear even more feminine or androgynous depending on its placement of sweeping bangs.

An asymmetrical layered pixie with fringe is an effective way to give thin hair an overall fuller appearance, as it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Add an eye-catching element to your asymmetrical pixie cut with bangs by dyeing a bold or metallic shade. Doing this requires courage, but can genuinely add flair. It will instantly update and revitalize your look.

Distressed Pixie

An irresistibly messy pixie haircut is the ultimate way to upgrade short hairstyles. Keep the length on top while opting for tapered cuts on the sides and back; this style allows for experimenting with different coloring techniques, such as pastel hues or even balayage.

Long, spiky layers are an elegant variation on the modern pixie cut and look especially striking on fine yet dense straight hair. Additionally, they can easily be scrunched up or curled using hair styling mousse.

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