How to Go Blonde From Brown Hair

Going blonde requires bleaching to create an absorbent base color for lightener, and clients should expect several salon sessions before reaching their ideal shade of blonde.

Make an appointment for golden and platinum blonde highlights to frame your face gently. Additionally, use the blue toning shampoo once every week to neutralize red or brassy tones that might emerge as your toner fades.

Warm Chestnut Chunky Foil Highlights

Rich chestnut hair color is an eye-catching natural choice for brunettes. This deep shade pairs perfectly with light blonde highlights, balayage, or ombre for creating sun-kissed effects without exposing roots quickly. Add golden blonde highlights for even more significant sun-kissed effects! Face-framing blonde highlights can help bring out the warmth in your chestnut brown locks, with golden blonde streaks emphasizing its warm red undertones to make it shine. This style creates an eye-catching pop!

If you want to add light without touching up your roots every 4-6 weeks, try off-root foil highlights or balayage instead of traditional full-head highlight colors. Toning gloss can help protect and add shine. For example, L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Weightless Blow Dry Primer is an excellent heat protection before styling hair.

Cool Violet Chunky Foil Highlights

Ask your colorist to foil chunky strands in a soft violet shade to create an eye-catching and playful take on highlights. This style works beautifully for any type of hairstyle, including wavy or curly textures like choppy bobs and shags. This style resembles the base break blonde, except your stylist will first add hair color instead of bleach to lighten pieces. Touch-up visits may still be needed but will become less frequent due to less natural color left behind in your locks. Purple highlights add an eye-catching pop of color that perfectly fits a bohemian aesthetic. When selecting purple highlights for your brown light blonde locks, choose blue-based hues for a softer overall effect and an ultra ’90s girl style. Consult your colorist for the best way to achieve this look.

Soft Golden Blonde Highlights

Warm blonde highlights in this style create an eye-catching contrast against its dark brown base, as well as brighten up face-framing hair and make strands appear fuller. To achieve this style, have your stylist add broad golden blonde tones throughout a light brown shade; this technique creates sun-kissed or beachy hues. Brunettes who prefer more subtle highlights can opt for honeyed and caramel-inspired highlights that add warmth to their brown locks. This color melt is ideal for those who wish to remain close to their natural shade without going for something drastic like ombre or balayage. If you’re a brunette with long, side-swept bangs, ask your colorist to create soft blonde highlights resembling the hue of champagne corks. This classic golden-toned look looks beautiful on wavy or curly locks, adding instant class and sophistication. As this shade requires higher lift than classic blonde shades, be sure to use an intensive deep conditioner like Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate as this shade needs nourishment to stay strong and healthy.

Soft Brown and Light Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

No matter the color you desire – from subtle caramel blonde color melts to pops of eye-catching red – brunette hair has many ways of shining bright. If you want something girly yet playful and feminine, opt for soft brown and blonde balayage styles that look gorgeous! If you prefer something less drastic, ask your stylist to lighten some face-framing pieces of your brown hair – this will produce a lovely blend of brown and blonde highlights, perfect for brunettes new to highlights. Add an eye-catching contrast with a striking yet demure look by adding a smoky ash-blonde money piece to your brown locks. The cool-toned shade will contrast beautifully against warm undertones, making you stand out in any crowd. Keep the remaining strands deep brown while adding highlight streaks for an eye-catching yet subdued appearance.