Hair Extensions

Women looking to add length or volume often turn to hair extensions. Extensions can make the hair appear fuller and thicker while creating highlights or lowlights. There are various kinds of extensions, and the perfect style depends on factors such as the natural texture of your hair and desired result. It’s important to care for extensions properly by visiting a stylist every four to eight weeks to check for tangles and reposition them if needed. Using high-quality hair products will keep the extensions looking healthy and prevent matting or tangling.


Hairpieces are pieces of fake hair worn to add thickness or length to certain sections of the head. They are typically worn in a bun or ponytail shape for easy application and styling. Hairpieces can also help women with thinning hair appear to have thicker locks. Unlike extensions, hairpieces are often secured using liquid adhesives, which can potentially damage your natural hair and be difficult to remove without professional assistance.


Wigs are versatile beauty tools used to protect natural hair from heat styling and chemicals, as well as to add fashion flair. They come in various styles and textures, with some even having built-in extensions. Synthetic wigs blend seamlessly with most scalps and can be styled easily using tapes and adhesives. Human hair wigs provide the most natural appearance and durability, although they are more expensive. They can be styled anywhere along their length and tend to outlive synthetic options.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are essential elements to complete a hairstyle. They add visual interest and can elevate a plain look. From floral headbands to oversized scrunchies, there are numerous options to enhance your hairstyle. Hair accessories are a growing market driven by increasing awareness of appearance and the popularity of fashionable accessories. Multiple retailers and online channels offer a diverse selection of hair accessories, including low-cost options.