Top 5 Brown Hairstyles

Warm Chocolate Brunette Locks with Tight Curls

It is ideal for medium skin tones and complements blonde highlights beautifully. This style is a striking combination of warm chocolate brunette locks with tight curls.

Soft Brown Balayage

Create a natural-looking and refreshing style with a soft brown balayage. This coloring technique works well on women with naturally curly or wavy locks and straight strands.

Dark Brown Hair Color

Mocha is one of the darkest shades of brown hair color, making a powerful statement about power and strength. Balayage can add a multi-tonal look to create a modern style. If you prefer cool tones, ash brown hair offers a shimmering silvery hue.

Face-Framing Highlights

Add dimension to dark brown locks with face-framing highlights. Be cautious not to go overboard with blonde streaks, as too many can wash you out. Opting for an ombre style instead can prevent this.

Brown hair Color with Highlights

Adding highlights to brown hair gives it an additional dimension. These subtle highlights mimic the natural look of beach sand or chilled frappe, creating an authentic sun-kissed hue on blonde strands.

Brown hair Color with Lowlights

Spice up your style with lowlights for brown hair. Lowlights usually appear darker than the base shade of hair, creating depth and dimension. Long brown hair with caramel ribbon lowlights can create an eye-catching contrast.

Brown hair Color with Red Highlights

Highlights, whether subtle or bold, can enhance brown hair. Cool-toned balayage techniques offer a soft and subtle lighting effect. Red highlights can add sophistication or create a bold look.

Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

Combining light brown hair with blonde highlights creates a multidimensional effect. Blonde tones, from platinum to caramel hues, are versatile enough for all brown hairstyles, including balayage.

Brown Hair Color with Pink Highlights

The pink and brown hair color combination is an eye-catching look, perfect for any hairstyle and occasion. Light pink highlights on blonde hair can create an adorable Neapolitan ice cream effect.

Brown Hair Color with Copper Highlights

Copper highlights add warmth and vibrancy to dark brown hair. It works well with beachy waves and can be applied just a few shades lighter than your natural color for a more subtle transition. Mixing blonde highlights with copper tones can create a cascading ombre effect.