3c Hairstyles For Men

Curly hair comes in all different textures and styles. Men with 3c hair typically produce tight coils that need regular moisturization to remain healthy and whole. Add moisture back into your locks by spraying with water, locking in moisture with natural oils, and adding cream for frizz control – this will allow your curls to maintain their voluminous, defined look while preventing dryness.

Long Afro

Long afro hairstyles for men are an incredible way to show your curls off. This stylish trend has proven popular among many celebrities and proves that straight locks don’t necessarily need to look their best. Unfortunately, long afros can be tricky to maintain, especially if your locks have curly textures. Therefore, they must receive proper care, such as moisturizing daily with high-quality shampoo and conditioner products.

Creating a pompadour style is one of the best ways to show off your voluminous curls. This look is ideal for spring and will set you apart from others! To achieve it, use a volumizing pomade and add texture to your strands for this style.

Tapering your curly afro is another effective way to wear it stylishly and keep your locks healthy. This modern take on a classic afro haircut looks especially good on men with narrow jawlines; ask your barber to taper slightly up top before gradually fading it down the side. Not only will this help your style, but it will also keep the locks healthy!


3c hair can become dry quickly and requires extra TLC. Avoiding products with drying ingredients such as sulfates is critical, and investing in a silk pillowcase to protect the delicate locks from friction during sleep will defend it.

Use a curl-defining cream to reduce frizz and boost volume and definition in curly hair, along with nourishing conditioner that contains humectants for additional hydration and leave-in moisturizer for extra hydration. Finally, co-wash in between washings to maintain clean locks free from build-up.

Men with curly locks may struggle with styling and caring for their curls, but with some knowledge and the appropriate hairstyle, your 3c curls can look incredible and stand out. So show off those three curls for all they are worth – with these unique looks, you will surely make an impressive statement about yourself! The best part? Once you find a good hair care regimen and style explicitly tailored to your hair type, you have something that will last a long time.

Shaved Sides

With its sleek or formal styling options, faded undercuts make great additions to curly locks. This men’s hairstyle gives your top curls more prominence while improving texture formation. Furthermore, they look fantastic regardless of length (even short!).

If you prefer longer locks on the sides and back, consider opting for a taper fade with skin-faded edges. This style complements any face shape while offering multiple styling solutions.

Because 3c hair tends to be dry, it is essential to use moisturizers. Look for shampoos and conditioners designed specifically to hydrate and detangle curls; avoid petroleum-based products, which can cause build-up; invest in silk pillowcases, as cotton causes friction that dries out your locks more rapidly, leading to breakage more readily.

Long Hair

Men who can’t bear to go short with their locks may benefit from opting for long curly styles like the long curly hairstyle. Perfect for work or school environments, this look helps tame unruly coils while adding style. To achieve it, opt for a complex part that marks a distinct separation between parts of your curl pattern – this highlights your well-packed curves uniquely!

Add volume and dimension with a hair product that gives your curls a light gloss for added volume and size. Or, for an effortless night-out look, style back your locks using a stylish cloth headband and sleek them back with one! For best results, be sure to wash your hair twice weekly; overdoing it could lead to dryness and damage to your curls, so using co-wash between washes is an effective option in helping maintain their pattern.