125+ Brown hair with blonde highlight That Are Uber-Cool

This specific style of highlight, it’s important to understand the approach used to reap brown hair with blond highlights. The maximum not unusual techniques that colorists use to reap this appearance are known as balayage and foil. Although the strategies are absolutely standard, there are a few parameters to don’t forget before beginning the procedure.

Pick a professional colorist who has revel in doing earthy hair with blonde highlights or your fantasy hair will remain as clearly that. To maintain your hair searching top notch, it is vital to comply with the care habitual the beautician recommends you use. Coloring can dry hair out, so ensure which you’re maintaining your hair hydrated with the right masks.

Brown hair with ash blonde

On the off chance which you have cool, darkish brown highlights, do not forget getting ash blonde highlights. The cool undertones will pair fantastically with your natural hair colors.

Brown hair with platinum blonde

Who says blond hair shade for darkish brown hair coloration need to be subtle? On the contrary, this high assessment pair is in reality lovely when achieved with the balayage highlights technique.

Brown hair with strawberry blonde

It’s a well-known reality that brown hair color pairs superbly with crimson highlights. In the occasion that blond is as yet your goal; bamboozle the two universes with strawberry blond.

Brown hair with creamy blonde

On the off risk that platinum is a chunk excessively robust for you, but you despite everything love the concept of contrasting strands, creamy golden haired may be precisely what you’re looking out. This beige golden haired color will deliver definition without being excessively harsh.

Rich Chocolate Brown with blonde

Rich brunette colorations are all the rage this season and it shocks no person that they look mainly great when finished up in a balayage brown hair fashion. This wealthy chocolate brown balayage achieved on dark mahogany hair, for instance, looks like nothing not precisely a show-stopper.

Blonde on Brown

With regards to balayage brown hair color seems, blond appears to put on the pants. This quieted brown blond is the perfect example of the identical. The wealthy dark brown base of this mane creates a striking evaluation with the blond balayage and most effective gives to the splendor of this hair look.

Layered Golden in Chocolate Hair

The evaluation most of the 2 hues in this combination of hair color in competition to darkish hair offers profundity to the waves overall. When taking an extra intensive appearance, you’ll observe that the outside layers specifically pop and make the waves seem plenty thicker than they may naturally. The ends converge to form a waterfall of golden free curls.

Voluminous Golden Baby light

Although the shade in those precise highlight is toned down deliberately, they despite the whole lot upload profundity to those free waves. By opting for an extra blunt shade, hair tends to look sleeker and much less dramatic, ensuing in a groovy and elegant look without trying excessively hard. Baby lights may also in elegant be low preservation and may be managed without go to salon visits.

Natural Brown Hair and Blonde Hair with Subtle

This harmonious combination of earthy and blond looks especially herbal, making people second-surmise whether you virtually were given your hair colored or certainly definitely shine a golden blond. These diffused streaks are ideal for a person who wants to an extra amount a comfortable look.

Blonde Ombre Hair coloration in Loose Waves hair

These gradient hairs often flow from absolutely darkish roots to an astonishingly vibrant blond hair as the scrumptious strands reap a conclusion. This ombre hair look combines nicely with numerous hair patterns and appears outstanding from the again. The lighter colored ends additionally preserve a watch on hair appearance extra whole and extra voluminous than their dark and inert counterparts.

Natural Blonde for Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair with hair coloration is to hair as a winter complexion is to pores and skin. Basically, the addition of blond hair shade to slight earthy hair will make the overall coloration of the hair seem paler, resulting in a new, cute and natural look for the much less heat months!

Fun Beach Waves with Natural hair

Since the lowest of this hair is already a lighter, chestnut brown, the spotlight shade of a dirty blond is simplest 3 sun shades far away from the herbal hair coloration. Subsequently, you get this mild however natural shine to the hair that neither distracts nor is going unnoticed! Pick a style this way at the off threat which you want a very natural, woke up along these lines vibe.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair

These smooth hair colors require a classic and smooth technique called bayalage to attain. In spite of being very convenient to acquire, this appearance despite the whole thing offers a complicated very last item with the aid of way of adding layers of profundity and color to otherwise flat brunette hair.

Wavy Short Brown Hair

These hair colors display what can be finished with decreased length. Although a gradient pattern is conceivable with shorter hair, this case suggests how layering hair color with a lighter superficial layer and darker more profound layers can create a stunning phantasm of profundity that wasn’t there before. This is a mainly lovable hair style for young women due to its fun and playful appearance. Consider this in case your hair is on the thinner side.

Contrasting Blonde and Brown Hair + Lowlights

Lowlights fill in as a contour for hair, including extra profundity and surface to a definite canvas that lacked these traits before the treatment. The more you contrast the spotlight color with your natural hair shade, the more major the hair color will be.

Light Blonde in Short Bob Hair fashion

Individuals will in favored partner hair coloration with actually lengthy hair, but they paintings in addition as properly with a brief bob hair style like this one. Everything is proportional, so the colorist will clearly adjust the duration and period of the hair color to house your duration. As discovered here, a dramatic ombre transition fashion is as but attainable with brief hair.

Short Bob Hair fashion with Ombre Waves

This smooth hair style does some fantastic matters for girls who are continuously on the move! These face-framing hair colors accomplish all of the work in any low protection hair fashion via contouring the face appropriately. This simple fashion cans paintings for any face form or complexion.

Pintura for Natural Curly Hair

Pintura actually interprets to “painting” in Spanish, which shows the strategy used to get that hair color. Indeed, someone goes in and hand paints absolutely everyone twist to acquire this super look! On the off risk that that doesn’t make you experience unique enough as is, then the manner the ones hair coloration stand out will!

Buttery Blond in Light Brown Hair

These hair colors almost appear as despite the fact that they’d dribble off the hair, as heat margarine off a pan. The length of this hair color is narrower, which emits the phantasm of more ground. This concept works especially well for shorter haircuts and messy or low preservation patterns.

Caramel Blonde in Brown Hair

Any food associated corrective thoughts make for adorable hair styles! Caramel blond is inherently a delectable color, so having that hair shade will make your hair look virtually pleasant. Give this one a pass within the soul of the season!

Curly Brown Hair with Fiery Blonde

For younger girls carrying herbal hair, hair sunglasses are still in particular an open option! Although the method for obtaining the hair color may additionally evaluation from those applied on immediately hair, the consequences are in addition as lovely. Add an in addition oomph on your already amusing, voluminous curls with a shiny, auburn blond color!

Peachy Blonde Hair

These opposite layered hair color upload a super flip to traditional hair color, which commonly take turf superficially. These hair colors are best for the individuals who don’t need to distract from their natural hair shade, but at the identical time, want a few profundity introduced to their hair. The ends, which maximum girls battle to fashion, will in any case look voluminous.

Golden Somber in Long Brown Hair

These special and smooth hair colors ask for hobby in all their golden brilliance. Messy hair styles, for example, this one function admirably with hair color because no matter how messy the hair receives, the hair coloration will typically add a pinch of shape and form to the base.

Blonde Pulled Back in a Braid hair

Choosing such a light blond for such dark brown canvas brings about a dramatic very last item. This excessive assessment constantly guarantees that the hair gives with an exquisite deal of surface. The hues additionally upload quantity to any hair, resulting in a results easy hair fashion no matter what it can be.

Simple Icy Blonde Highlights

An encapsulation of wintry weather, this icy blond recommendations lower back to a positive famous Disney princess. This color of blond is the appropriate healthful for a wintry backdrop complete with break day heat cocoa! Do be careful at the off risk that you have a warmer pores and skin tone as this coloration could make you seem washed out. This is a shade that works nice with cooler pores and pores and skin tones.

Ombre Platinum Blonde in Dark Brown Hair

In the event that you’re hesitant to cross complete platinum blond, then investigation with this glamorous shade in the shape of hair color! In addition to the reality that these sun sunglasses add a superb evaluation to darkish earthy hair, however it moreover offers an excellent deal of shine and profundity. The lighter shade may even make hair appear thicker.

Strawberry Blond Waves in Brunette Hair

On the off threat which you have warmer pores and skin tone, then a warmer shade like strawberry blond will really supply out the quality of your complexion. This hair shade will make your skin gleam the equal quantity of as they accentuate your hair. It’s moreover a really amusing coloration to offer a shot inside the route of the fall months.

Medium Length Hairs Pulled Back + Layer

Contrary to well-known conviction, layers can look further as lovely pulled back as they do whilst left down. The cute hair fashion demonstrates that and is excellent for younger girls who like maintaining their hair out of their face! Looking carefully, be aware how the hair coloration despite the entirety add an illusion of amount to the crown?

Silver Blonde Ombre Hairs

The maximum widespread characteristic of that hair color is the sheer length of them! In this style, the hair coloration is sparse but wide, giving the hair an awesome look. In the event that you’re into dramatic, asymmetric seems, and then this one is the excellent for you!

Subtle + Easy Caramel Blonde Sheen Hairs

These subtle hair color radiate a slightly there, all natural appearance! With those, you can trick individuals into wondering that your hair takes on a lighter color as quickly as out of the solar sufficiently long. This appearance is right for younger ladies who want to look effects outstanding.

Blush Blonde Hairs shade Hairs Idea

This modern-day hair style blends a hint of each young female’s favorite coloration into the conventional platinum blond color. Pink and blond, as demonstrated by way of the usage of Barbie, shape an ideal suit made in heaven! Also, with this style, all of your rose gold gems will constantly be matching. This is the excellent style for who want to accessorize.

Golden Platinum Streaks in Loose Waves

These mild blond hair shade have a few warmth to them, making them the high-quality fit for neutral pores and skin tones. It will bring stability to an in-among complexion. The gradient look in that ombre hair color additionally adds shape to the hair.

Champagne Blonde Ombre in Chocolate Hairs

Get a flowery hair concept with this variant color of blond that’s not pretty much like all the others! Whether you obtain this shade takes after the shade of a newly plugged jug of bubbly or no longer, the chic overall look that it gives to hair is undeniable.

Chestnut Blonde Hair shade in Dark Hairs

This woody and earthy coloration is right for hotter skin tones. Although it glances quite high-quality in the hair, it’s going to carry out a golden complexion in your face as nicely. Check out this on the off chance that you need a shade with a view to complement something beyond surely hair!

Sandy Blonde in Straight, Medium Hairs

Hair shade in right away hair truly do equity to how much ground and profundity they upload to in any other case flat hair. Waves inherently induce quantity, yet with directly hair, it’s hard to get that victory look. With hair coloration, you won’t need to strain over spending time styling your hair and might adhere to an easy, low preservation appearance.

Spotlight Blonde Curly Hairs

This color of blond takes earthy hair with hair coloration to the subsequent degree. With this shade, the mild shows off the hair to offer a luminous look, making positive that you blow a few human being’s minds every interior and outdoor! The sizeable assessment allows for a dramatic impact, which means that your hair will generally be digicam geared up.

Chocolate Blonde in a Cute Bun

In any event, while set up into the clouds in a bun, these chocolate blond hair color don’t fail to shine through. This straightforward demonstrates that earthy hair with hair color maintains to work with pretty a few hair styles, up or down. The flexible nature of this cute easy hair style will always maintain you searching your superb.

Vanilla Blonde Face Framing in Short Hairs

Face-framing can flatter any and every face shape. Whether you want your face to appear slimmer or increasingly more structured, face-framing hair color are the way to go. They contour the form of your face in addition to a foundation, quality without the wreckage, time and effort!

Golden Beige Blonde in Loose Curls

The dark roots that continue to be on this appearance are what allow for that illusion of profundity that cascades down the entire manner to the ends. When selecting a color so many shades lighter, be prepared for the exquisite contrast between your natural color and the shade. The unfastened curls emphasize the surface in this fashion.

Dirty Blonde with Dark Brown Roots

This active appearance is ideal for a younger girl with brief hair styles who don’t want to play with their hair each and each day. The darkish roots and vibrant hair color play together to form a manifestly messy and messed up look. Basically run a sift via the ones strands, offer it a voluminous side element and you’ll be prepared to cross!

Buttercream Blonde Baby lights in Medium Brown Hair

Heavily emphasized in the direction of the base period of the hair, those baby lights add genuinely critical quantity to the ends. Hair has a tendency to get thinner as it reaches the ends; however selecting lighter colored recommendations makes them seem thicker and extra complete.

Baby Blonde in Loose Waves

In case you’re looking for a steadily more youthful look, baby blond hair color are the way to bypass. This color of blond is harking back to the hair coloration that most children have earlier than it darkens with age and sun introduction. In this way, to put on this coloration over again is a tribute to formative years and guidelines at an extra youthful looking look. The natural color also consolidates fantastically into brown hair.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Fair Amber

In the event which you’re into chocolates, then this fashion will look delectable! The sincere amber hair shade jumbled together with the dark chocolate earthy hair almost replica a chomp of a mocha truffle. Dripping in cocoa, this delectable shade aggregate with make your hair appearance flavorful! Obviously, this look is brilliant completed with darkish earthy hair colorations; in any other case, the evaluation won’t appear as self-evident.

Ginger for Long Hairs

These hair shades undergo the hair in a disorganized fashion, letting the herbal brunette hair peak through the ginger blond shade. This precise fashion permits for an increasingly more quieted look for the individuals who detest dramatic impacts. Indeed, even with directly hair, the coloring allows for an illusion of thickness and surface.

Brown Hair with Face Framing

It is also workable to go along with two numerous color alternatives for the hair color. Here, you may see an plenty lighter color of golden applied for the face framing layers even as a darker, an increasing number of herbal looking golden hairs are utilized for the breadth of the hair. This method creates an extraordinary surface that can’t be done with most effective one color of blond. Check out this one for its face-framing effect!

Cream Soda Blonde + Long Waves

These tasty waves almost appear as despite the fact that a dripping cream soda from an amazing vintage diner! They seamlessly converge into the herbal, light earthy hair shade and emit a difficult facade of amount that darker shades might fail to accomplish. In case you’re a lighter brunette, this color would artwork nicely indeed.

Short Bob Highlights with Fiery Blonde

An active bob is specifically an adorable hair style for younger ladies. A bob doesn’t should be dainty, nonetheless, as decided via this feisty and fiery color selection. A golden hairs with a little by little reddish tint remarkable suits more youthful girls with hotter undertones, but can function admirably with most other pores and skin tones as well. This is likewise a super autumn color as it imitates fireplaces and falling leaves.

Chestnut Blonde Ombre

This hair style for women emits a sophisticated appearance with the more mature color selection. Since it suits more seasoned girls, the hair coloration aren’t as dramatic and appearance herbal. Whether worn to paintings on the workplace or down and messy at the club, this coloring transition among diverse settings enormously well.

Modern Highlights with Bright Golden Blonde

This quite hair style suggests what you may actually do with hair coloration. Although little or no has to be completed to parade brown hair with golden hair coloration, this simple messy half of up and a 1/2 down fashion shows exactly the quantity of a difference the coloration makes. The messy braid culminates the complete appearance by means of using showing off exactly how much floor the hair coloration deliver otherwise flat hair.

Frosted Blonde Heavy in Dark Hairs

This cool and chilly coloration is probably a tribute to wintry weather because it emulates the climate of the season. This moderate shade toward darkish earthy hair makes the hair coloration appear too clean and creates an evaluation that is a lot of significant. This fashion is ideal for the folks that decide upon dramatic seems that people won’t miss inside the city.

Golden Blonde in Chocolate Brown Hair

Dark brown hair can regularly look flat and dead if there’s no other shade to it. Be that because it may also, those vivid golden shade hair color guarantee that that’s not the scenario with this hair. The golden tone catches and reflects moderate in a spell binding sample, proving that earthy hair coloration can results growth any style to the subsequent diploma.

Blond Concentrated on Ends Highlights

Reminiscent of the hotter days spent at the beach, this look pairs definitely properly with messy seaside waves. The coloration is for the most elements focused on the ends, making the hair look as although it’s dripping with sunshine. The preference to center the hair color towards the ends of the hair moreover allows for a steadily voluminous look since hair gets thinner in the direction of the lowest as it becomes out.

Dark Ashy in Dark Brown Hair

This sincerely ashy coloration radiates cutting-edge and chic vibes. Although no longer the most herbal shade, this color is fitting for the season and might effects artwork with cafes, campuses and the lanes. The ombre effect allows for a slow change from brown hair, allowing others to ease into this exceptional look.

Peachy Gradient in Short Hairs

This is an increasingly more herbal look with the ombre coloring and choice of a progressively herbal color. This specific fashion ought to match women of every age because it is adequately professional to position on to paintings, yet in addition presents greater profundity and ground for an more and more energetic and a laugh look. The dark roots assist to intensify the shadow effect for profundity.

Café Au Lait Brunette Layers Hairs

Layers are difficult to make first rate in darkish hair, so it’s tough to get that theatrical facet-cleared look that many VIPs pastime on an each day basis. Be that as it’s miles in a position to, hair color can healing this issue, mainly on the off risk that they’re focused on the layers as determined in this instance. By focusing the hair color on every person layer, the profundity completed is insurmountable.

Messy Platinum Waves

Brown hair with blond hair shade is obvious in this fashion of messy curls that appear to have ceaseless layers. Not solely are the roots kept darkish, yet so are the greater profound layers of curls, creating a shadow impact that pointers at an extra profundity than there sincerely is. This is an exquisite style for the individuals who are involved approximately thinning hair.

Blonde under the Top

To add a bend in your earthy hair and golden makeover, you may cross for hair color beneath. All you need to do is hold your earthy base and lighten thing beneath for your favorite shade of blond.

Half Brown hairs, Half Blonde hairs

We as a whole realize that ombre hair revolutionized the splendor industry, but what do you do whilst you don’t need an abrupt transition? You can combine your golden ombre with delicate hair color that spring from your roots and blend into your desired gradient.

Short Hairs with Blond

Having quick hair doesn’t mean you ought to don an appropriate association of hair shade. Bob haircuts, in specific, appearance ravishing while you add golden streaks to a brown base.

Bangs style

You can constantly upload a few candy bangs for your earthy and golden hair shade for a totally new appearance. To concurrently contour your hair color and your herbal features, cross for some aspect-cleared bangs.

Blonde with Red

What makes golden hair color considerably an increasing number of pleasant is that they feature admirably with streaks in other colors as properly. For instance, earthy hair with pink and golden hair coloration is one in every of the maximum enchanting techniques to bring some warm temperature in your overall look.

Light Hairs with Blonde

Blonde streaks and light earthy go hand in hand. The reality that the tones are similar makes this a smooth and awe inspiring mixture that won’t located on a display of being flashy but rather as solar kissed.

Discrete hairs

Subtlety, at the opportunity hand, is a key element for other ladies. Gigi Hadid, twiglet and major beauty muse, likes to utilize golden hair coloration to upload a bit of shine to her mild earthy and get that natural appearance.

Around the Face

Did you recognize that hair color spherical your face may also have a major impact to your features? Contour age hair color, as they’re known, body the face drastically for incredible impacts.

Chunky Blond

In most color cases, you’ll see thin hair shade spread out randomly thru a woman’s hair. Nevertheless, a few ladies pick out chunky blond streaks. These supply a greater assessment the various shade and are an extraordinary idea within the occasion that you lean in the direction of a bolder approach to your hair fashion.

Dark Brown Undertones hairs

On the alternative hand, you could additionally take into account maintaining the ones dark undertones. This is a great idea on the off risk which you have an asymmetrical haircut, just like an A-line bob. It helps contour this true reduce in a pretty flattering way.

Medium Hairs

Is your natural shade no longer excessively dark, yet very mild either? Indeed, you have to understand that medium brown locks will look high-quality at the off risk which you scatter some golden streaks within the route of them. To preserve an all-spherical earth tones color plot, come to a choice a few honey or caramel hair color.

Reverse Blonde Hairs

You can normally strive the opposite way around as nicely – strive earthy coloration on golden hair. This concept works top notch for more youthful girls with manifestly blond hair and it’s an incredible choice for anyone trying to find a whole makeover.

Rose Gold

Both rose gold and strawberry blond are overly famous shades applied for both hair color and balayage or ombre. You can integrate those styling techniques to get a striking color of dirty blond with a hint of purple over your certainly brown roots.

Blonde Hair

To lay it out plainly, bronde is a faultless combination between brown and blond. It’s gotten a Hollywood favorite, with A-rundown celebs like Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba having shaken it.

Dark Blonde Hair

In the event that your hair is obviously darkish brown, you can evaluate darkish blond streaks for a progressively natural appearance. You can also add platinum or silver hair shade to the combo as nicely.

Long Brown hairs with Blond

Long hair patterns will almost continually help you with displaying off your new hair shade in a glamorous manner. Having longer bolts also means you could mess around with the color distribution. For instance, you may get frontal hair coloration with lowlights.

Blended Hair

All around blended hair shade will make it appear as at the off threat that you have a sturdy but remarkable hair color. You must choose this selection on the off threat that you want to upload some gleam to your light brown locks.

Brown Hair with Blonde High and Lowlights

In the occasion which you want to hold your brown base, but you lengthy for bringing it to lifestyles and mild, circulate for hair color and lowlights. To add dynamism and shape, pick hair color in a lighter shade and lowlights in caramel or dark honey.

Copper Blonde Hair

Another possibility for flashy blond hair shade is this blond copper hair color. This warmth color makes for a step by step natural transition out of your herbal coloration in your hair coloration. It wills paintings especially properly at the off risk that you have a reddish-brown base.

Orange Mixture Hair

Although this isn’t your common highlight combination, blond and orange make for an awesome visual impact whilst tossed in collectively. By including amazing pink-orange hair color to the front, you may contour your face form and produce out your facial features.

Subtle Shine Hair

This is some other example of the effect that subtle hair color may want to have on your hair. On a chocolate brown base, all you’ll need to do is blend some honey-colored hair shade and voila, right now glam!

Caramel Hair Lowlights

Not all girls want hair shade to go with their earthy. Some ought to select to have strand-shaping lowlights. For a diffused technique, pick out a profound caramel tone to outline each wavy or curly hair with lowlights.

Brown Hair and Purple Hair shade

Bohemian spirits can speak their awesome fashion with blond and red hair coloration. This aggregate is feisty, new, and funky – all in one! Essentially perfect for a more youthful female who’s now not afraid to offer her real nature and attitude.

Blond Undertones

Instead of choosing dark undertones and a lighter top, you could usually have amusing by way of going the opposite manner spherical. Similar to lowlights, this balayage-inspired appearance contributes with quantity and a charming form.

Between Balayage Hair and Highlights

A lovely manner to get a wealthy color while the utilization of several solar sun shades is usage of each the highlighting and the balayage coloring procedures. Pick two colorings that pass nicely collectively, for instance, honey blond and ash blond.

Curly Brown Hair

Hair color looks simply flawless on glaringly curly hair. That’s thanks to the fact that hair color will fabulously contour your corkscrew curls.

Side Braid Brown Hair

In the occasion that you have every other association of hair color, why now not appropriately display them off? Any form of braiding will do the stunt as it will help beautify the colors in your weaved portions.

Burgundy Brown Hair

In the event which you want considerably extra assessment out of your crimson and blond hair coloration blend, then move for burgundy! This aggregate seems especially radiant on darkish earthy hair, so do not forget it in that case with you.

Brown Hair with Blue and Streaks

This darkish silver-blond with electric powered blue hair coloration is a clearly suitable combo – made even more wonderful thru that fishtail braid as properly. Once more, that could be a flattering hair coloring choice for bohemian or defiant ladies.

Brown Hair with Lots of Blonde

This abundance of incredible platinum hair shade result in a superb half of and half of appearance. In the end, an outstanding many humans won’t have the option to tell in case your herbal coloration is brown or blond!

Brown Hair with Tint

This subtle blond tint is one extra awesome manner to add extra shine for your herbal hair coloration. You won’t word the character hair coloration in essence, but you will virtually appreciate the shimmering results.

Brown Hair with Light Blonde

These chunky ash blond hair shades look nothing now precisely extraordinary on mild earthy hair. A flawless flip is given by the auburn lowlights, which make the whole hair shade paintings look heavenly!

Black, Blonde, and Brown Hair

Last but certainly no longer least, here’s a hair shade mix that’s sure to dazzle. We recommend it for girls who’ve brown to black hair and need to add some chocolate brown and blond in with the overall mish-mash.

Chocolate and Caramel Streaks Hair

For this concept, it’s all about the way you mixture scrumptious, stunning sight tones to get warmness and alluring shade. This coloring painting uses chunky caramel hair coloration on auburn earthy hair in a manner that magnificently dietary supplements the herbal base.

Straight Hair

Ladies with really immediately hair must don’t forget a whole lot of obvious blond hair color. This form of hair will sincerely make the streaks stand out – without a variety of effort. The prolonged bob above is likewise a smart thought.

Top, Brown Base Hair

You can also determine to keep a part of your earthy hair without hair color – just like the lower detail in the instance above. To compensate, lighten the whole top detail with champagne blond hair color leaving more than one wisps of your herbal brown to an amazing volume.