Beautiful Natural Hair Styles Design Ideas for Women

African American women hair are often confronted with many natural hair surprises and troubles. It’s either hard to dress or it’s low on the Web with the multi-faceted type with amazing beauty. The other thing is that because of experimentos with fashion materials and grooming techniques the hair is incredibly dry and delicate.

Sometimes in such cases the only way out is by having a short haircut and waiting for new healthy growth. The other question that emerges is whether you can look good, so that you can decorte your short hair. Don’t be concerned, with your short hair there are several great types of hair. 75 images from the classiest have been compiled here.

Your Options in Natural Hair styles for Short Hair

Updates for defense. They not only look fantastic but also guard against contaminants and moisture loss the fragile structure of your hair. Twists.-Twists. We take on every additional volume and feel cool, whether it’s loose or elegantly revised. Puffs.-Puffs.

You have a chance to discover something absolutely beautiful and eyecatchic as you incorporate torsions or braiding features into your puffy hair designs. Mohawks, Fauxhawks and Mohawks. These hair decorte are rarely out of fashion and ideal for black women hair who are open to bold approaches and glamorous haircuts. Spools of the eye. Finger curls are an excellent idea as you look for hair decorte that impact outstanding textures.

Flat-Twist with Twist Out Hair

A twist-out is a simple nature hair short hair style that African-American women hair can use to make full curls without any heat. This design incorporates a smooth twisted detail to help secure the hair boundaries, which are the most vulnerable to splitting.

Half Shaved Natural Hair style

Test one of these short nature hairly occurring hair decorte for black women hair if you are gifted with curly hair and look for a low maintenance hair styles. The straight curves of the razored sides and the triangular diagonal burnings look tomboyish and are matched well with poofy curls on top.

Cute Natural Tapered Cut Hair

For those who are looking to discover fresh and fashionable ways of cutting short nature hair hair, opt with a conical style with slashing ends, lengthy bangs and several loose curly tendrils on top of your head. So this type of hair looks better if you have a touch of frying in the curls and do not overuse any gels or hair creams.

Side-Parted Short Curly Natural Hair style

This wild afro hair styles are sleek and chic and takes advantage of your nature hairly kinky tendrils. The deep side with laid borders sets the mass of curls on top, while the dyed copper ends add more depth to the ringles.

Asymmetrical Side-Swept Afro Hair

Simple, nature hair haircutting can be creatively styled like long hair. The side straps that are outward and ornate with golden cuffs bring an additional feel of sophistication to this short hair.

Flat Twists Updo for Very Short Hair

Try an updo with flat spins running towards your head curve where you can add some extension if you like, if you need a quick and easy style protection for your nature hair blac curl. It’s a trendy updo for ladies with slim or fine hair.

Short Curls with Side Bantu Knots Hair

A huge way to expose your curls is to display the long bangs which fall over the eyes. The cute Bantu knots is a common alternative for women hair who look for African American nature hair hair styles which pay homage to the past. The loose, curly rings can be worn as shown in Mohawk styles or are pulled in a sweet node.

Flat Twisted Mohawk Updo Hair

Here’s one of the best simple , nature hair hair styles, particularly if it’s an updo that reveals your curls. The upward braids attract the eye at the lovely curls above. It’s a ridiculous hair styles with or without bangs.

Fun Tapered Hair style with Defined Curls

It’s usually all about forming for Black women hair who are looking for traditional ways of wearing their hair. If it is not your biggest concern to keep your curly locks covered, consider a tape-like hair styles. Show off your vivid, good hair from a shorter to a longer taper.

Natural Undercut with Shaved Designs Hair

If you let your curls loose for all to see, your nature hairly curly hair looks great. For fashion short nature hair hair, the curls look sleek and coordinated, go with a cut with patterns on the sides and apply to the ends of the curls a shin with red highlights for a lighter look.

Knotted Headscarf Hair

For black women hair, certain nice and basic types of nature hair hair have accessories – headscarves, tapers, headbands etc. This look is timeless, flexible and important for nature hair hair security. It’s also ideal for those days when you just don’t want to show your hair off.

Inverted Cornrows Hair

Inverted cornets are magical, sometimes called Didi braids. Cornwalls are perfect for nature hair hair, particularly for women hair who need a hair styles. The opposite of this common styles looks as if traditional cornices were a new image. It is equally smooth, but the tissues seem pushed into the scalp.

Short Natural Sass Hair

Short nature hair curls don’t have to look beautiful except some styling products that can easily be easily defined. You certainly will not have a few major accessories with this short length, but some hair clips will undoubtedly add more to the texture of your hair.

Pretty Afro with Babylights Hair

Longer tapers are suitable for people who choose to wear nature hair hair styles with a large volume on them for short hair. Upgrade your favorite large earrings with babylights – the shorts of your sides let you display the joys and lovely Jawline.

Warm Brown Natural Undercut Hair

Use a taper and an undercut to change the length and shape of your short Afro. This tapered style blends femininity and edge for a sleek feel.

The Tightest Tiny Curls Hair

This amazing afro is all close curls and brilliant. Africans are thoroughly styled and fairly so in days where women hair more than ever take their nature hair hair. Using these twists! Love them!

Dark Chocolate Short Natural Undercut Hair

Wear your hair in a short Afro with many wild and long waves. The close-cut sides and the pointy side-burns make the splash of chocolate curls beautifully match. This styles are perfect for women hair with long, heavy-duty hair.

Cornrows to Twist-Out Top Updo Hair

Try braided updos that mimic styles you like if you’ll be drawn to tapering, but aren’t willing to shorten your hair short. It is a pretty picture for African American women hair of a chic defensive updo especially impressive.

Natural Faux Hawk Hair

This faux nature hair hawk is an imaginative product. It is a good example of a complicated system of twists and zigzags. Take a look at the simple zigzags, the straight curves and the wavy twists. This’ do has plenty, so it’s pretty short and easy to wear.

Side-Parted Medium Layered Hair style

When you’re cut into a female bob, your loose curves respire a burst of relief. Short nature hair hair styles must be tailored to the size, hair color, and length of the neck. There are not always braided hair styles.

Pixie with Curls Hair

This is a pixie up to the next level. The curls have been shaped flawlessly – neither too long, nor too loose, smooth, convenient, and shiny. Particular consideration is paid to the specifics, including baby hair and curled side burns.

Short Natural Faux Hawk Hair

The false hawk is a popular styles in nature hair hairy women hair as it is spectacular, flattering and easy to styles. Slick the sides, fluff curls, and this is essentially everything you need. The colour of course means a great deal if you want this short hair to enhance Mohawk ‘s look.

That’s a Wrap Hair

Who knew such an eye-catching easy headwrap? This is a great way to build a declaration hair styles without wasting much time, money or resources. Headwraps and scarves are perfect accessories, grooming is nice and simple, to cover real, black hair!

Top Knot Meets Afro Hair

You can either go on the famous Afro-Puff route or make a curly half up knot if you are sleek hair back but don’t have enough length. There is a full, lush ‘fro left behind on its own. Together, the two build a complex, double-taking ‘do that makes strangers so easy and cute!

Short Natural 4C Hair style

It is powerful, beautiful, and fantastically quick to grab. A change is lasting for days and it looks a little bit special every day, letting us believe that every day you make something new in your hair.

Side-Parted Natural Curly Bob Hair

Using the frisky curls and let them go wild in an altered form of afro hair. The deep side gives a sweet asymmetric look and lets the eyes and gorgeous eyes become beautifully formed.

Bubble Braid Updo for Natural Hair

You’ll like this alternative if you have a special case, consider eye-catching and exclusive nature hair African American hair designs. The tissue bubble of detailed geometrical parts draws admirers.

Wet Look Hair

Use kinky curls and coils. Use them. Let them be clear, make them stand out. Add some products for glass and structure, but this ‘do’ is mostly low maintainability and glamorous.

Short and Shaved Hair

How looking androgy? Would you love crazy short nature hair black hair styles? Next time, pick this one. The style often incorporates textured waves, both on the back and on the arms, making a trendy Mohawk extra short. The curls are strong, beautifully rounded and only add a feminine rim that completes the entire look.

Medium Layered Cut for Tiny Curls Hair

Using your wash and dress short natural hair, so don’t waste too long on makeup. Just let it get loose or dress it up with a cute headband.

Pretty Short Natural Cut

We love this plain, natural black cut because it’s totally ordinary. No bangs, no braids, no focus, just you and your super-short hair look beautiful, normal and relaxed. Depending on your preferences, the rounded shape can be higher or lower.

Asymmetrical Short Curly Layered Hair style

Show off your healthy, shiny hair and prove you don’t always have to have a full hairpin for black women hair. The remainder of the hair will make its own stuff, so there is just one braid on the side. A very good feature is the long side varilla.

Pinned Back Short Natural Hair

This appearance is very adorable. Keep this Afro puff version of your look simple and fuss-free. Push it out further and add a sort of pompadour. It’s a little roll over the front for an additional height.

Beautiful Kinky Curls

Quick hair is where it is with a simple look that can be pulled up or worn. Single-length curls produce an sleek, chic style that goes with nothing. Brush and pin hair in temples to make the look extra different.

Tri-Color Curls

Modern types with short hair don’t need to be entirely normal. The paint is entirely up to you, so it’s about the natural texture. It is a fun and luminous styles. Moreover the paint block is a clever way to switch from black to blonde.

Short Curly Hair style with Nape Undercut

Long hair is really easy to treat and fashionable. The nape undercut is discreet and elegant, but the effect is completely chic when paired with highlighted natural curves. This sweet curly style of hair is the perfect look every time and every season.

Natural Hair style with Closely Clipped Sides

This wild, rugged style oozes energy and trust. The tamping of the curls in the back produces a sharp-look result of them becoming longer on the edge. When you feel bold, apply the traditional red lipstick and winged liner makeup to a confident look to this theme.

Twisted Curls with Undone Ends

Twisting twists are for you if you choose to keep away from braids, loops or other types that are limited. The unfinished twists have a flirtable, energetic aura that will improve the mood.

Natural Fauxhawk with Temple Undercut

Most curly women hair fight for their edges and face because they don’t curl properly. Keeping hair short and smooth on the temples with a cream is a brilliant idea to fix your short hair and raise the length of the hair!

Tapered Hair style for Springy Curls

All natural black hair styles embody African American hair’s natural beauty. A tapered cut is still brought together as the pattern prospers.

Afro American Frohawk

When anyone ever finds a new way to wear their natural hair styles, the Mohawks are still people’s first choice. Yet this chic solution is ideal for those who are not prepared to make such an audacious pledge. This looks fantastic with natural hair and gives the chic theme of a Mohawk.

Short Puffy Curls

With that kinky hair she’s killing it. If you are searching for natural hair tips, the classics in search of something new will quickly be forgotten. But only the classic, side-part Afro could be the best idea.

Mohawk with Coils (small)

When your hair can not be forced into a pinion, it will allow you to pin it down in a mohawk’s middle of your head, even without a pinion or a minute bun. Have a partial template for a normal, special short hair. Or you can try to make things more entertaining.

Mini Curls with Silver Highlights

Small natural haircuts are typically quite straightforward. Ask for an inch of curls on the rear and the sides and a few centimeters above for a new, funny look. Whilst it can still look dull, a single design is elegant. Apply a little chic, trendy color such as blue, pastel and platinum to spice up your short hair.

Short Platinum Crop

Most hairstylists agree that at least once in their lives every woman will go platinum. That is why this is here. The most sophisticated, chicest means of standing out will still be. Platinum looks beautiful on natural hair because it is more inattentive.

Short Natural Wash-and-Go Styles

The theme comes from a simple routine to wash and dry. Of course, after cleaning, you don’t leave the building, but you first use the right hydraulic and construction things.

Pretty Cinnamon Curls

Try a half-high knot, which is very trendy, for a fast African American natural hair style. What is very unique about this look is how beautiful this hue of cinnamon looks at the warm skin. Ask your model what colour your inner glow will bring out.

Curly Afro Puff with Perfect Edges

Doesn’t the curling ponytail have enough length? Request a baby buggy. It’s a lovely option for natural hair, which is rather short in hair styles. Since this style is sleek and polished, for a formal event or a date night will fit well.

Short Twist Out

You know you ‘re not alone, if you’re entirely over your everyday Afro. Many naturalists are looking for something new for their curly q’s. An immediate solution to this common problem is a wonderful twist. For an added style, pin up one side.

Natural Twisted Up Styles

Sick of brushing and going normally? Give your hairline a few twists. The length or thickness of the hair is super simple and incredibly admirable. This is a easy way to add a little pizazz to a plain afro to those still cautious about sporting natural black hair styles.

Pinup for Natural Hair

Who says pinup styles are past styles? Natural hair with 50% twist, depending on how you do it, is both classic and modern. This model has a pastel bandana and the often chosen front hump. Intentionally trendy is the difference between the natural curves on top and the glued bottom.

Braided Mohawk for Short Hair

This look has many striking features, but they are all pulled together in order to produce one of the classiest natural types of hair. The curled, polished waves spill over the closely knit cornices on the edges, making a type of imitation undercut. There is also a two-tone hue in the hair.

Short and Steady Hair styles

Easy upkeep is the perfect way to keep your fashion look up to date. The most fashionable thing you can do is to keep your hair moisturized and cut. Healthy hair looks better, and when they are taken care of your curls look nicer. It is one of the shorter natural styles of hair for black women hair, highlighting the value of healthy hair.

Straw Set for Natural Girls

This twisted look may not seem at first glance to be possible, but actually it’s much easier than you think. Envelop the hair securely around some straws, and wait under a dryer or let it dry overnight; these miniscule spirals provide excellent protection for natural hair curly. These spirals give an excellent protection. Bring them back and go! Take them back! Place the curls apart or have them wear tight and substantial for still more curls and body.

Burgundy and Copper Tapered Natural Hair style

For black women hair, shorter natural hair styles are versatile and universal as long as you choose a nice form that suits your face and curl pattern. Tapered hair styles flatter many women hair and give you a chance to try a common two-tone paint job, such as this beautiful mix of bourgogne and copper.

Short and Chic Hair styles

Various red shades may be perfect for natural hair, be it red or bronze. This style overturns the fashionable shadow look by becoming bright boring spindles upwards. Add your curls some color and give your favorite short style new life.

Afro Puff with a Headband

This hairdo is just amazing. This vary in ease, convenience and elegance from the adorable cot to the cheerful pops and light orange jumper, 3 in 1. Afros isn’t safe if you don’t keep the ends tucked off, but you can do so by putting clips in afro puffs.

Natural Blonde Mohawk with Shaved Design

This mohawk cut works with your beautiful , natural hair, elegant and feminine in its shape. The dry, colorful color raises the funky appearance of the break. When you want to make a bold statement, it is just for you this awesome hair look.

Sky-High Curls

Taking a minute to enjoy the magic. The curves are loose, soft and tight and formed in one direction or another. It is a beautiful and easy-to-use style. In reality the silhouette is the best of both worlds.

Fierce Natural Curls

Simplicity itself is to construct an undercut – to do so with a few side braids. There are certainly turns and changes of this hair styles, but the delicate, elegant abundance of curls is the real affirmation. She knows this woman is tough.

Braids and Double Bun Hair Styles

Pair chunky bones for a fast natural updo hair style with two adjacent front buns and get a lovely look that will last during the day. This basic and innovative style will quickly shift from day to night.

Individual Braided Natural Hair Style

Specific braids offer more variety than flat cornflakes and twists to African American women hair. Using a hair belt like a heavy headband for shorter designs or braids. Whether outdoors in winter or in summer, you still look amazing.

Perfectly Curled Natural Hair

Ultra moisturized are the strongest natural twists. Hard hair should provide natural oils, butters and creams daily. Such ingredients are not only good for your hair safety, they also add to your styling.

Curly Copper Red Bob for Natural Hair

Bobs are widely common with women hair of all ages but some naturalists don’t think that they can rock one with textured hair for some reason. False! False! Natural hair can be bob-cut, especially in various layers.

Two-Tone Hair cut with Design

Only because you’ve got a short cut doesn’t mean you can’t check your look as this natural hair style reveals. The blonde color on the top makes the style pop and the divided design gives the lateral side a little interest. When you want to keep the line, just change the color and look different.

Long Curly Pixie with Side Part

The cut with pixie is associated with all styles of curly hair. Attach a side part when shaping, perfect for new women hair in the pixie club and test new styles of hair.

Twisted Up Natural Updo with Curly Top

The sophistication of many hair styles makes you look finished. This beautiful cascading updo produces a visually fascinating and dramatic look that improves any casual look. Pro tip — extend your life by keeping large satin caps or satin / silk pillow cases secure at night!

Braided Mohawk for Naturalistas

Consider a nice roll with a real bouffant if you want to add some flavor to your braided look. You can quickly get from work to play in this enticing short Afro hair style.

Short Red Curls

The most stunning feature of this theme is difficult to pick. This highlights these beautiful, all-natural curves, like other short natural hair patterns, that are twisted and molded into ideal springs. The color is established as well.

Lovely Natural Curly Do with Bangs

Some women hair are frightened by short natural hair, as it takes confidence very frankly. Upgrade you curly if you like to get a more attractive style with a few sassy side bangs!

Side-Parted Afro

Natural hair patterns for short hair have not shifted the fascination with the side bits, so you see that the good old afro gets a cool update. Some pomade or cocoa oil can be expected on the edges.

Tight Natural Curls in Tapered Style

Such a tapered hair is great for all ages, and it is up-to – date. This is an outstanding example of how elegant natural hairdos are! A modern, fool-proof hair style is your perfect wardrobe decoration, so select it carefully.

Vertical and Circular Flat Twists Updo

When you want to create a new updo, flat twists may be a good concept. No hassle, no, there is a beautiful, low maintenance hairdo. When you’re aiming for the trendy and don’t waste a lot of time planning, it’s all flat turns.

Caramel and Brown Hair style for Natural Hair

A discreet scan is an insightful natural hair color remedy. The waves grow even darker and thicker and the complexion even has beautiful colors such as a combination of chocolate, mocha and espresso. Dull and sweet!

Short Natural Hair cut Styled As Fauxhawk

There are always imaginative ways to build your rows in a stunning manner, if your length is not adequate to create an afro puff. Pinning the sides with small pebbles adds artistic appeal and trying metal pebbles to create a feel that pops a little more.


Clean, as it does, as the name suggests – you ‘re drying and completing the day. The natural hair look would be the best. You are entirely responsible for the amount of beauty items you are using. (Check this useful toolbox if you need a little more help.)

Jumbo Topknot

You could get a nudge if you like to keep your hair out of your way. To replicate this look, make sure you brush your roots and hair before making a tall, luscious bun. It’s not expected to take a few minutes.

Ponytail Hair

It can’t be any smoother than a cheekbone. Brush your hair down with your favorite scrunchie and secure your ponytail. Make sure you fluff your curls up if you like noise.

Bantu Knots Hair

If you want to try styles that protect your hair while you are close to the African roots then you may be fitted with Bantu knots. Just cut your hair and roll into a tight bun for each part. Smooth the baby hair down, and in minutes you ‘re good to go.


A twist-out is a perfect way to make things shift whether you want to mess around with shape. You just need to humidify your hair and, if necessary, add a styling drug, or two before twisting individual beach parts. You will undo the knots to expose your elongated, lovely curves if your hair dries full. Air-drying takes a little longer than using a hairdryer or diffuser.

Braid-Out Hair Styles

Looser waves can be met with a braid-out if you need it. You can do the same thing as the twist-out, but separate your hair into 3-beach braids. You should segment your hair by a middle section if you like symmetry really.

Curl Formers

When your curl is something of a roller-like corkscrew, you can do so with a group of curlformers. You remember, these curly fabrics that a few years ago invaded the natural hair culture.

Water Wave Magic Curlers

With the Magic Curlers of the Water Wave, beach waves are easily reachable Boho. Such loose forming devices adopt a mechanism similar to the above curlfomers but the end product provides a distinct look.

Perm Rods Hair styles

The permit bars have an eastern way for close curling curls to be a less costly device kit. Like the other curls in this list, perm rods on wet-to-damp hair should be applied and air should do the rest of the task. When you do not have a hair-dryer, make sure that you have no instructions to operate as your limited diameter means your hair flips many times, taking extra time to dry.

Roller Set

Natural hair straightening can be a long process. But with a nice old-fashioned roller kit, you can hack your way there. Use larger rollers to stretch your hair as much as possible , and make sure that you comb for added smoothing when your hair is dry. You can do so in as little as 30 minutes if you have a hairdryer.

Pigtail Cornrows

Pigtail cornices are the easier style to achieve alone as far as braiding is concerned. In contrast to French braids, it is important to ensure that the crossing sections and hair you pick are in the wrong direction so that your actual braids pop out. For pigtails, whether you are an accomplished braider, the cycle can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

Flat Twists

When braids are too complicated to make, or you only like two-sided styles, your companion is flat twists. You can also brush them back into a low-situated bun when you feel particularly fun. You can do so in less than an hour if you make the twists relatively through.

Messy Bun

Which is better than an regular bun? Naturally, a mess one. If you like to style your baby hair, it should take you less than a minute and maybe another.

Phony Pony

With an outline ponytail you can hack your way to a chic look. Blend your hair in a low pan if you have never tried before and tie the pomegranate around it. Within a matter of minutes you should do this.

Curly Clip-Ins

You should add a few curly clip-ins if you want to improve your natural hair. Make sure that you strategically segment the back of your hair and add it as needed. When you finish, comb together your natural hair and clip-ins to make a mixed look.

Double Braids

Braiding your hair doesn’t mean you still have cornflakes to collect. These highly positioned pigtail braids can be achieved in minutes in a quick and easy fashion. However, it can take a little longer if you braid in extensions.

XL Box Braids

Box braids can be an incredibly quick and easy procedure if you cut your hair off in additionally wide pieces. You will stroll with a comfortable and trendy boho in less than an hour.


The pineapple process can be executed in around three seconds, in a classic mess free style. Just throw your head forward and gather your hair for a big , high cheekbone.

Faux Hawk

You can also check a huge, faux-hawk if you want to stand tall with an edgy ‘do. Throw your hair up and down and use hair pins or ties to capture this essence of mohawks. This will save you just a couple of minutes.

Wispy Half-Up Half-Down

Try your hand with a wispy fuzzy frame in a casual half-down style of hair. You all need a few hair pins, and in a few minutes you’re all done. It’s a perfect day night look.

Simple Half-Up Half-Down

You can go for a smoother half up-half look if you want to keep your hair out of your way. You can put your half hair into a easy, tall pickle instead of using pins and walk around the day.


It may have been the Princess Jasmine banded her long hair in Disney’s Aladdin. The same thing you can do if you are careful with a few rubber bands. The time to style is much faster than it seems.

Sideswept Statement

Also one of the best things you can use to lay your hair down. However, you can take your hair to your side and keep it in place with a fairly large statement clip if you want your look to dress up.

Head Wrap

On days when you don’t have time, or when your hair doesn’t cooperate, all you need is a nice head wrap. The larger the cloth, the stronger, so that you do not need to think about flyaways. In a jiffy, you should be done.

Hair Paint Wax

You may have the same result with Hair Paint Wax rather than endure the complicated and destructive process of painting your hair. With this bright water-based drug, you can add colorful strips or transform your whole head up. It can range from minutes to an hour, as normal.

Three-Strand Twists

Build elegant spiral bends using a twisting technique of three strands that allows the three strands to be wrapped around like a camp lanyard in summer. You are free to access your look when your hair has taken its form.

Fishtail Braid

Not every day, but with drawn out tresses, you can see a twist made of natural hair. Check out our fishtail braid guide if you’re not sure how to do this complex braid.

Baby Hair Focus

Let the show be stealed from your baby hairs in a simple and sleek style in a few minutes. Edge protection gel is what you need.

Wet Look

You may want a couple of days to apply a high brilliance gel, hair glosse and sprinkler to your wash-and-go routine if you are the kind of person who likes super brilliant hair. If you put a huge amount of product on your damp hair, either let it dry or use an incredibly shiny wet diffuser on a low level.

Single Braid Part

You can ruin your hair and put it in a single cornfield if you want to have hair down, but also jazz up your look a bit. It’s a smart way to style your look with a sleek hair-pin that keeps the braid back.

Halo Braid

Perhaps for the day you’d like to appear a bit angelic. A halo braid will definitely deliver on that front, especially if you are a master of the cornwall. The trick is to catch your hair in a single large tissue around your head circumference. You should be outside the door in 15 minutes, depending on the level of ability.

Curly Hair Styles

If you want to find out more about curly haircuts, you should start looking into curly hair style ideas. Curly hair is ideal for those who wish to have a more contemporary look. It can compliment almost any kind of hairstyle you may decide to have, whether it’s short and spiky or long and slick. You can also choose between different types of cuts. If you opt for the short cut, you’ll need to make sure your hair is healthy enough to handle the style.


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