Get Brown Hair Inspo

No matter your hair color preference – brunette or blonde alike – there are abundant beautiful brown shades available to you to experiment with. Ranging from warm hues like cinnamon and chestnut to cool hues such as ashy mushroom and chocolate toffee, there’s sure to be something suitable. Show these gorgeous brown hair examples to your stylist for inspiration for their next dye job!

Long Brown hair Ideas

If you have long brown hair, don’t be intimidated to experiment with different styles. From highlights and balayage to soft ombres that add a golden shimmer, don’t be shy to explore new options and experiment! Wavy brown locks look amazing when highlighted with light blonde or caramel hues that add depth and dimension to their beauty. Try this style on your next appointment to bring out its best features! Display your long, thick curls with pride by wearing them in a tucked-under top bun or loose beach waves. This hairstyle looks incredible against medium skin tones while remaining manageable during busy lifestyles.

Curls with Warm Brown Tones

Warm brown tones pair beautifully with curly hair just as much as straight locks. Speak to your colorist about creating a natural, sun-kissed effect through shades of brown and blonde that enhance curl patterns while framing the face. Cool browns can work well on curly hair if the shade features the right red tint. Choose a dark cocoa brown hue for medium-length wavy locks and add dimension-boosting ash brown highlights around the face and eyes for added dimension.

Soft Brunette Balayage

Balayage isn’t exclusive to blondes — the freehand hair lightening technique can also be easily applied to brown locks for stunning results that look equally natural on brunettes as on blondes. Balayage offers a lovely blend of cool ash brown and warm caramel tones that looks as attractive for brunettes as for blondes. If you’re searching for a less drastic lightning solution than ombre or somber, try milk chocolate balayage. Its rich hue will bring warmth and shine to dark brown locks – and looks especially lovely when styled into beach waves!

Dark Roast Coffee Brown

If you want your dark brown locks to look luxurious and full of dimension, ask your colorist about a full-bodied coffee shade with subtle red undertones. This toasty hue boasts beautiful depth and dimension thanks to chaotic bright reddish streaks, providing captivating depth and dimension without the hassle of maintaining long strands. Wear this rich shade against natural locks for low-maintenance beauty that captivates. Opt for a dark brown balayage with lighter ash tints to achieve a softer take on traditional coffee brown shades. This level 3 shade features subtle reddish accents to take your look one step further and is incredibly flattering on curly or wavy locks.

Dark Cherry Tones

Cherry tones look beautiful on dark brunettes. Try adding depth with warm cherry hues or opt for reddish-brown balayage; either will give you an appealing, natural-looking brunette look with subtle reddish highlights. Dark black cherry hair tones are an eye-catching way to show individuality and stand out. This luxurious hue looks fantastic on all hair lengths; however, its brilliance stands out when worn in short bob styles that accentuate curls.

Two-Toned Chocolate Lob

If you want to try the balayage trend without needing constant touchups, this rich chocolate brown shade could be just what you’re after. Its subtle transition from dark chocolate brown to cinnamon creates an eye-catching dimensional style without demanding major maintenance from you. This hue pairs nicely with cool skin tones and looks stunning when styled with short or chin-length bob haircuts! Add sexiness to your lob with caramel ribbons that blend perfectly into its chocolate base. These warm brunette highlights work particularly well for warm complexions like Jasmine Tookes’ but can also soften cooler skin tones like those seen here.

Beach Waves

Beach wave hair trends look beautiful on brunettes of all shades but are incredibly stunning with darker tones like chocolate brown. HeyKali offers this tutorial for creating beach wave locks that seem straight out of the sea! Start with slightly damp hair and spray it with frizz-fighting or moisturizing styling cream to combat frizz and achieve beachy waves that will remain undone all day. When dry, undo any twists and enjoy beachy waves that last all day! For a polished finish, mist your tresses with light-hold hairspray before heading out!