Dark Rose Gold hair Color & Blue Anime Model

Creating a beautiful and ethereal look is easier than you might think. You just need a hairstylist to apply the appropriate shade of paint for that. You will need three shades, blonde, gold, and pink. You will mix these shades to obtain the desired color. Keep in mind that this hair color technique is designed for light and naturally blond locks. If you have dark or black tresses, the paint may not give you the same effect.

You can wear this look on that, but it’s not for everyone. It will likely fade over time, but following a few tips will ensure your look stays vibrant for a longer period of time. First, use a color-protecting conditioner. Next, use a nourishing hair treatment to keep your tresses moisturized and shiny. You can also add some coconut oil to that to make it look even more stunning. Remember, you should avoid excessively hot water washes or using heated styling tools. To protect your tresses, use a heat protecting spray or a cap.