Popular Brown hair Color Names For This Summer

Brown hair color offers a wealth of shades, perfect for every complexion and taste. Warm, cool, neutral, and all the variations can help complete your look!

Light Ash Brown

Light ash brown creates an irreverent yet serious vibe on long, wavy brunette bobs that highlight your natural volume while drawing the eyes toward them. Enhance this shade through balayage or slight ombre techniques.


On social media, things move quickly. All it takes is one video for an idea to spread. One popular TikTok personality recently announced that the summer hair color trend would be vanilla almond butter; just three videos can start something big. This nutty blonde features dark roots, gradually shifting towards golden and icy blonde highlights, culminating in light honey-brown tips. This shade will complement cool complexions with blue or green eyes perfectly.


At a time when rose brown and pumpkin spice hues are all the rage, this lighter blonde shade offers a welcome respite. Professional hairstylist Laura Gibson describes it as having “chocolate or dark chocolate brown melted into a light neutral or cool blonde tone.” Additionally, darker roots help complete this look and facilitate its gradual transition if you’re a brunette.

Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s Bronde Hair

Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton have made waves with the popular bronde hair trend of late, featuring dramatic, dark roots transforming into bright, blonde ends.


Cinnamon hair can add warmth and vibrance to any look, from subtle balayage strands to an intense, fiery shade – this shade will flatter your complexion and eyes for a radiant finish. This warm brunette shade with an undertone of red works well on both warm and cool skin tones and makes light eyes pop even further.

Amal Clooney’s Gorgeous Blonde Locks

Amal Clooney loves her gorgeous blonde locks, which perfectly match her olive skin tone and bring out her hazel eyes.

Dark Vanilla

While icy cool shades have long been the go-to trend in blonde hues, this summer, it is time for the warmer, more beautiful vanilla blonde to become the choice shade. Bradley noted on TikTok the shade’s popularity; people described it as either “vanilla almond butter” or a “chai tea latte.” Kathy found this particular hue particularly flattering because its combination of warm and cool tones complements nearly any skin tone perfectly.

Tuscan Brown

Tuscan brown is a cool shade of brown with subtle gray undertones. This cool hue falls somewhere between light and dark shades, making it suitable for olive skin tones while emphasizing green and blue in your eyes.

Coconut Shells Brown

Coconut Shells Brown is an attractive, cool, light brown shade. It shares similarities with Chamoisee Brown and Windsor Tan regarding coloration and temperature.


Tumbleweed is an earthy shade of brown that works beautifully across many skin tones and makes a beautiful background color for highlights and lowlights. The tumbleweed (Salsola tragus) has become an iconic image of Western movies and songs featuring cowboys riding Stetson-wearing horses through desolate landscapes, yet it is an invasive species.

Heavy Brown

Heavy brown is a deep shade of brown with some red and green undertones, ideal for darker complexions.


Peru is a light brown with warm undertones similar to cinnamon; however, its hue is much softer and has fewer orange undertones. This hue is commonly known as “kombucha,” or brown nose. Anthropologist Alexandre Surralles placed a small colored chip on a table for Candoshi villagers to look at in one village in the Peruvian Amazon and ask, “Ini Tamara? (What is this?) Surralles has demonstrated through fieldwork that these people need to possess words used by The World Color Survey for color terms.

Windsor Tan

Windsor Tan is a medium brown shade known by its Hawaiian name ‘Maui, or make (pronounced mah-KEE). This warm and tropical shade recalls coconut shells. The CMYK color model (or four-color process) describes any color using combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Windsor Tan’s hex code is 255,030. Tan is represented in the RGB color model by red (R:210, G:180, B:140), green (R:255, G:171, B:140), and blue hues; it closely resembles beige in hue and saturation values.


Rufous is an irreverent yet subdued light brown hue that gives brunettes an irreverent yet professional aesthetic. Perfect for pale complexions, its light ash-brown tone beautifully highlights blue or green eyes. This medium brown with red undertones looks right at home on Boston University’s campus, yet is perfect for any woman who’d like a splash of color in her bob. Wavy soft curls accentuate its warmth against olive skin tones for maximum effect.