5 Different Hair Shades For Different hair Types

hair dye can completely transform your natural shade or refresh gray strands and allow you to explore new trends or even try semi-permanent color solutions just for fun! Finding your ideal hair color involves finding its tone and level, so here, expert colorists share tips on finding an appropriate shade that complements you perfectly.

Dark brown hair colors offer richness and low maintenance needs, making them an easy solution to easily cover gray strands. They work exceptionally well for girls with cool skin tones, blue or green eyes, and cool complexions, such as Eva Longoria, who wore her graceful toffee brown locks with grace and sophistication.

Burgundy brown is a gorgeous shade with vibrant hints of wine red on an otherwise deep brown base, perfect for all skin tones – particularly olive.

Mahogany brown is a vibrant shade with a deep reddish undertone, perfect for adding warmth to cool complexions and warm eye colors. For optimal results, use color-safe shampoo and gloss treatments regularly to maintain this beautiful hue.

Brown hair shades can be highly versatile, offering something for everyone. Warm tones such as henna and mahogany add depth, while cool hues like ash, chocolate, and cocoa provide an alluring, luminous radiance that adds dimension.

Medium brown is one of the most versatile brunette colors. It reflects light beautifully, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to have more natural-looking yet luxurious locks.

Rich and luxurious aroma of citrus orange, bergamot, and honey with warming spices such as cinnamon and clove; then finished off with vanilla cedar sandalwood and musk as base notes.

Light golden blonde is an exquisite shade for women with medium skin tones, featuring an alluring combination of golden and yellow tones for an earthy, natural finish.