Design Ideas for the Modern brooklyn haircut

If you’re looking for a quality Brooklyn haircut, there are several excellent places to choose from. These salons specialize in men’s cuts, and many have been featured in GQ. The prices at these establishments are fairly affordable, and the Brooklyn Lager is free. These spots are also neighborhood oriented, which is important when choosing a hair salon.


Commune has been a Williamsburg staple since it opened in 2006, with a bohemian, minimal vibe and a focus on healthy hair care. Its stylists use low-chemical processes to minimize damage to your hair. They also sell hair products and homewares. Commune also hosts special events and runs a membership program.

Commune is a barbershop

Commune is a barbershop with a social mission. The owner, Khane Kutzwell, is a Trinidadian born and raised barber with roots in Queens and Brooklyn. He is also a public speaker and entrepreneur who is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for all people, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The shop caters to the LGBTQ+ community. It is one of the first establishments to cater to this population, and Kutzwell teaches the barbers how to work with various textures. Not only does the Haircut show a person’s sense of style and personality, but it can also be a form of identity. For trans people, having an affirming haircut can help them pass as the correct gender.

Commune has a long history in Brooklyn. It offers a full service salon, including hot towel shaves and beard trims. The barbers are skilled and their prices are competitive. The shop also offers an easygoing atmosphere and accepts nominations.

Commune is a barbershop that offers hair cuts for both men and women. The barbers take into account the texture and growth patterns of each client’s Hair. They also take into account the suitability and maintenance of their clients’ Hairstyle. The salon is welcoming to all and provides a clean and inclusive environment. In addition to their affordable Haircuts, the shop holds a monthly “pay what you can” walk-in day and donates the proceeds from all haircuts.

While the barbershop is a social enterprise, Fullman’s political work is not confined to the barbershop. His community-based work has garnered the attention of political operatives and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, including Ken Martin, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party.

Commune is a salon

Commune is known for its quality and stylish cuts, which have garnered the attention of BK artists and cool kids. This place has a charming whitewashed industrial space, and is home to two standout stylists. Both have loyal clientele.

Commune is a long-standing Williamsburg fixture with a bohemian-style atmosphere and laid-back staff. Their stylists are dedicated to healthy hair care and use low-chemical techniques to minimize damage to hair. The 11-year-old salon also sells Hair products and home wares.

Commune is an independent salon where stylists use natural and organic ingredients in their products. Their interior reflects the salon’s approach to cutting, styling, and coloring. Commune’s colorist Lara Heist is a master of natural and vibrant colors.