How to Wear Bright Brown Hair

Brown hair is an adaptable hue that suits most complexions and textures, while also suitable for various highlights, lowlights, and ombre techniques.

Light Brown with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Lighter shades of blonde look brilliant against brunette locks. From subtle changes like caramel blonde color melt to more daring updates like strawberry blonde highlights and lowlights, these highlights on brunette hair will turn heads and draw all eyes.

Babylights will create an ultra-feminine and radiant effect to give this medium-length wavy brown hair an unbroken transition between its dark roots and blonde ends, creating an ultra-feminine style with gorgeous highlights to illuminate and highlight your complexion.

This gorgeous blend of golden and buttery blonde hues provides the ideal finish to this short bob cut. Your strands will shine in every light that hits them, while their warm-toned tones look gorgeous against any skin tone. Add a few ash-blonde lowlights for even more drama, or use an ash-blonde conditioner regularly so your locks remain shiny and healthy! Be sure to maintain healthy-looking locks by moisturizing regularly with a quality moisturizer.

Dark Brown with Golden Honey Highlights

Dark chocolate hair looks striking with golden highlights that subtly lighten its shade attractively and naturally. Combining warm hues, this shade resembles confectionery and makes an excellent choice for summer months when lighter blondes may fade too quickly.

Honey brown’s gentle tones blend well with fair skin when blended using warm balayage or color block techniques. At the same time, baby lights or ombre may add dimension without creating too stark of a contrast with platinum or strawberry blonde locks.

Highlights slightly lighter than your client’s base color tend to be easier for her to manage; they won’t fade as rapidly and add vibrancy when worn up. For optimal results, recommend shade-protective products like MilkShake Color Maintainer Shampoo and Conditioner or ColorLOKK Complex to extend her vibrant hue.

Dark Brown with Cappuccino Balayage Highlights

Dark brown hair can be further deepened with caramel highlights – an ideal choice for fall and winter! Their warm tones blend seamlessly with your natural hue, creating an effortlessly sun-kissed effect. Additionally, this dark chocolate balayage features chestnut lowlights for added drama!

Brunettes looking for something more subtle may opt for a soft honey-brown balayage that hits their midshafts, creating an eye-catching natural glow without going too light and risking brassiness. It is ideal for updating their style without going overboard and risking brassiness.

If you need more time to prepare for blonde, consider going with bronde balayage instead! This shade falls between blonde and brown in terms of lightness; therefore, it provides an easy transition. Additionally, this can add depth and dimension to brown locks, making this ideal for anyone who uses protective styles like goddess locs or knotless braids.

Dark Brown with Textured Ends

Dark brown hair with barely-there highlights is stunning and seductive when worn in beachy waves. A bit of chocolate balayage ribboning can quickly refresh a rich dark brown hue without showing your roots, creating an eye-catching combination of warm and cool tones that complements every complexion.

Another excellent solution for brunettes is adding light-colored streaks to their deep chocolate brown shade to bring life and depth back into their shade. For added dimension, consider including face-framing highlights.

Warm dark brown hair with gold highlights looks spectacular and is the ideal way to showcase your natural beauty while trying out something different. To add more dimension, ask your stylist for a well-rounded layered haircut with textured ends; this will accentuate the fullness of your strands and coordinate perfectly with highlight colors. Additionally, request that they give you a slicked-back style featuring a center part.