hairCornrow Afro Hairstyles

Cornrows for Natural hair Texture

Cornrows are a great way to showcase and enhance your natural hair texture. These protective hairstyles also help prevent traction alopecia. To maintain their shape, use a sulfate-free shampoo regularly.

Stunning Style with Off-Center Parting

Take inspiration from Janelle Monae and add some flair and color to your cornrows. Try the gorgeous style with an off-center parting and alternating thick and thin braids. This style makes a statement and can be worn casually or formally.

Statement Braids with Beads

Add beads as decorative yet functional accessories to your cornrow braids for a bold and unique style. This not only protects the scalp but also alleviates headaches or itching. Leave out some loose baby hairs for a playful finish.

Intricate Asymmetrical Cornrows

Asymmetrical cornrows are a sophisticated and chic option. This style features small cornrows on the sides with contrasting thick goddess braids on top. It looks beautiful with or without extensions; neatness is essential for the overall look.

Elegant Four Cornrows

Create an elegant and distinct style by braiding four cornrows straight back to meet at the center of the head. This style can be dressed with accessories and is perfect for showcasing voluminous natural hair.

Geometric Cornrows with Vibrant Hues

Make a statement by wearing cornrows with vibrant hues like blonde hair. Adding highlights will lighten the braids and create an eye-catching effect. Cornrows can also be styled into a low ponytail for an elegant and feminine look.

Eye-Catching Beaded Cornrow Style

Embellish your cornrows with beads for a striking and cultural look. This style works well for special events and can be paired with a cute headband and diamond earrings to complete the look.

Dramatic Feed-in Braids

Add length and volume to your cornrows with feed-in braids for a dramatic look. Customize the style by playing with colors and choosing bright hues to highlight where the braids meet your natural hair. Take care of your braids with sulfate-free shampoo to keep them healthy.

Back Braids for a Standout Style

Give your cornrows an unexpected touch by feeding them into back braids. Pair this look with gold hair jewelry for extra shine. Wearing cornrows in a high ponytail is another attractive option for showcasing your style and protecting your hair.

Colorful Extensions for Eye-Catching Look

Enhance your cornrows with colorful extensions for a striking look suitable for music festivals and special events. Remember to take care of your hair to prevent breakage and traction alopecia.