Bridesmaid Side Hairstyles

Be it bride-to-be shopping for bridal trends to help her look chic and polished on her big day, or beauty professionals providing wedding day looks, side hairstyles are timeless options that offer variety for every length and texture of hair.

Showcase a headpiece with a twist in a half-up style.

Frame your face with wispy strands that frame and highlight your cheekbones – these asymmetrical hairdos make ideal bridesmaid side hairstyles!

Deep Side Part Wispy Waves

Deep side parts paired with loose face-framing waves will add elegance and complement many types of wedding styles, from informal backyard gatherings to more formal civil ceremonies.

Modern brides should opt for wavy locks tucked behind the ears and secured with hairpins to add structure while maintaining a light feel. This layered effect works excellent to show off an eye-catching neckline or statement earrings.


A classic chignon is an ideal look for brides with both short and long locks, flattering any facial structure and emphasizing the elegance of their gown. Add some Indian flair by pairing this style with a maang tikka/bindi or floral crown for boho weddings, or create a more bohemian aesthetic by opting for a boho crown.

Effortless Yet Elevated Bridesmaid Hairstyle

To achieve an effortless yet elevated bridesmaid hairstyle, have your stylist curl and deep part your strands on the left side of your head before tucking back one section behind your ear and pinning it to create a look ideal for garden weddings and black-tie ballroom events alike.

Add a bit of drama to this look by adding face-framing tendrils to your high ponytail. This style works for all hair lengths and textures and pairs nicely with floral hair clips or crowns for an eye-catching finish.

Add some flair and create the ultimate wedding day look by accessorizing with beaded or pearl hair accessories, which will look stunning against your wrapped chignon. Just be sure to spray enough hairspray onto your updo so it stays put all day long.

Beach Waves

Beach waves offer an alternative style option to classic chignons or full-on voluminous curls for any girl with medium-length hair, providing them with a sleek yet undone look that requires minimal upkeep throughout the day. They look beautiful under any veil, and allow your girls to do them for added convenience!

To achieve the boho beauty look, start with damp hair and apply a texturizing mousse or volumizing spray that contains polymers and hydration that will “activate” waves after curling so they won’t appear crunchy or dry. Cole recommends formulas containing these elements so your waves won’t appear crunchy or dry after styling.

If your daughter needs help deciding between bun, braid, and ponytail styles, consider creating a half-up and half-down style that allows their beautiful locks to show while adding small details such as flowers for an added splash of glamour.

Low-Key Side Swept

Adopt natural beachy waves for a look that exudes feminine charm. This style works for any hair length, texture, and cut and pairs nicely with most wedding dress styles.

To achieve a romantic look, ask your stylist to create large, voluminous curls and sweep one side back for a romantic style that exudes Old Hollywood aesthetics – this bridal do will look especially striking when worn by bridesmaids wearing billowing ball gowns for a grand ceremony.

Bridesmaids with short hair should opt for a stylish chignon or low bun for any day-of style, adding some flair with delicate hair accessories that add some shine. Additionally, this style works exceptionally well if they wear strapless or backless dresses and want to keep their necklines clear.

Side Bun

An elegant side bun is one of the most straightforward and chicest bridesmaid hairstyles. Perfect for an outdoor casual wedding, this look can be accessorized with flowers, vintage brooches, or even a birdcage veil for added oomph!

Add sparkle and extra glamour to a traditional side bun by experimenting with loose fishtail braids and sparkly hairpins for an eye-catching style, mainly when worn with boho dresses or romantic lace gowns. This look is sure to draw everyone’s gaze!

Request big curls with an extra-deep side part from your stylist, then lightly tuck one side behind your ear for an effect that combines romanticism and drama – perfect for formal ceremonies and evening receptions! Add dainty hairpieces such as this beautiful floral barrette or intricately woven veil to elevate this style further.