How to Dye Dark Green Hair to Create a Prismatic Mane

Create an eye-catching prismatic look by dying your hair dark green and adding light blue layers for an eye-catching prismatic style that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Green hair requires more upkeep, so be sure to choose a shade you enjoy for an extended period. Keep in mind that over time it could turn greenish-blue.


Turquoise hair color is a vibrant and striking hue, ideal for any woman seeking to make an impressive statement with her look. Reminiscent of the sea and sky, turquoise works beautifully across skin tones – even those who may normally opt for more subdued shades like brown. Turquoise can be dyed all-over or used as highlights to accentuate natural locks.

If you want a subtle turquoise hair color, add yellow highlights for an eye-catching combination that works well with warm and neutral makeup shades. Start with Arctic Mist as your base shade before introducing Aquamarine drops for your desired teal shade. For more intense turquoise hues, use Viridian instead for deeper ocean blue looks.

When dyeing your hair turquoise, it’s essential to select the appropriate shades as this will affect the final outcome. The darker your locks become, the brighter the hue will be. If unsure which hue suits you best, consult a stylist who can assist in finding one suitable for your skin tone.

While it’s tempting to experiment with turquoise hair dye, keep in mind that its appearance will differ depending on your skin tone, the quality of your locks, and any residue from previous dye jobs. Turquoise may be challenging to maintain due to its bright hue, so work with an experienced professional before undertaking such a bold trend. But with commitment comes success – with patience, you could have gorgeous turquoise locks!


Ombre hair color trends are an attractive option for both blondes and brunettes alike, thanks to gradual lightening that allows you to rock vibrant hues without them overwhelming your roots or overpowering your complexion. As your hair grows out naturally, the lighter sections will blend seamlessly into its new shade.

This blue-green ombre begins with lush violet at the roots that fades to periwinkle blue at the tips for a mesmerizing effect in your long bob style. Pair this look with either a wavy or curly texture for added dimension and texture.

Here is another beautiful blue-green ombre that’s ideal for both blondes and brunettes alike. An ashen purple hue gradually transitions into a sea green tone at the base of this medium-length bob, perfect for elegant straight styles or adding an edge with some well-placed curls for an emo look.

For those seeking an understated take on the ombre trend, try opting for a greige shade. Similar to rose gold in appearance, this hue gives brunettes an eye-catching rose gold look without going all out with their color choice. This shade transitions smoothly from dark brown roots down to a honey finish for maximum impact!


Though ombre remains popular, it has since been overtaken by balayage as an increasingly sought-after technique. Balayage allows your stylist to customize the highlights throughout your head by hand painting, giving a more natural, sun-kissed appearance rather than looking brand new.

While ombre is ideal for those who lack the time or desire to commit to full dye jobs, balayage offers even more possibilities. A professional hair colorist should be able to combine elements from both techniques to craft your ideal look.