How to Style Wedding Hair Color Before Your Wedding

Brides want to feel their natural selves on their big day, which may mean making subtle hair color adjustments before their ceremony – even if that means simply changing their parting or adding some highlights.

Sun-kissed balayage highlights are an increasingly popular choice among brides-to-be because they add depth and dimension to your locks. Balayage highlights are versatile and can highlight face-framing bangs combined with baby lights – more minor, finer highlights nearer your roots – for maximum impact.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up, half-down looks are timeless classics that can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories used. Take this dimensional blonde with easily twisted locks to prom night glam by adding sea salt spray for defined curls and some bobby pins for gripping power, along with Got2B Glued water-resistant finishing hairspray like Got2B Glued’s stronghold water-resistant finishing hairspray to protect from frizzing while keeping hair in place all night long!

If you have a wedding gown with an open back and lace or boat neckline, try styling it this way to highlight its striking lines and shoulders. Temur suggests pairing an updo hairstyle to further show off its incredible neckline.

Medium-haired ladies can create this lovely style by pulling up half their strands into a ponytail and leaving the other half loose with cascading curls. Finish off the look by adding some strategically placed flowers.

Ombre Highlights

If you like the idea of a half-up, half-down hairstyle but want it to be different from that famous in the 80s, ask your stylist about ombre highlights. This coloring technique utilizes darker tones that blend more subtly than pastel hues commonly seen today, creating shimmery highlights on jet-black locks for an eye-catching effect.

Wenna had her long brown locks styled into an undone and romantic chignon for this autumnal wine country wedding. Floral pins added the final touches, creating an unfinished yet romantic look that perfectly complemented her vintage-inspired dress.

If you are a dark brunette looking to go the ombre route, schedule your dyeing appointment early. Achieving an effective yet subtle result might require more bleaching than with lighter hues; to minimize time-consuming efforts, try going for a sad or ecaille shade; it starts closer to your roots while smoothing over any abrupt transitions between natural hair color and bleached ends.

High Curly Bun with Puff

Choose this high-curly bun with a puff for a standout style that will accentuate your beauty, similar to Marilyn Monroe’s signature curl. Not only is this style easy on the hair, but only minimal styling is required – only a few bobby pins may be necessary to secure its form.

Long, wavy-haired brides should opt for this bubbly front puff styled with a comb and hairpins to achieve an effortless look that pairs with most wedding gowns. The texture finish and neat wrap add charm and dimension to this bridal ensemble.

Give your hair an elegant finish with this chic low-side ponytail that highlights the curves of your bateau neckline. Add delicate flowers or hair accessories for an eye-catching look that will impress guests, or combine it with red lipstick for added color!


Flower crowns are an exquisite natural bridal accessory, adding an eye-catching accent or headband-like feature to any hairstyle. This bride incorporated her flower crown into her chic updo by weaving it through its sleek chignon, emphasizing its lace details.

This crown features roses, orchids, and other tropical blooms to complete her boho beach wedding theme and perfectly complement her side-swept, half-up curly hairstyle.

Ranunculus, Astilbe blooms, and green Eucalyptus leaves combine beautifully in this one-of-a-kind flower crown to create a delicate yet stunning contrast. Its off-center placement perfectly complements this flower girl’s elegant pink princess gown and her tousled locks of hair.

This delicate baby’s breath flower crown features delicate lavender sprigs to complete its classic beauty and make a lovely accessory for brides with natural curls. Its less bulky design makes it a good option for older flower girls.