Bridal Hair and Makeup Tips

Brides who require professional hair and makeup services for their bridal party often need help with who pays for what. Setting beauty etiquette early is crucial to avoid financial strain and friend conflicts.

Arrange for a Trial

When booking wedding hair and makeup services, scheduling a trial is essential. This allows you to make necessary adjustments and ensure everything looks perfect on your big day.

If you’re getting married in 2023, many bridal beauty trends exist. Whether you prefer vintage-inspired hairstyles, natural makeup, or soft natural makeup, you can find an aesthetic that suits your taste and complements your dress.

One trendy bridal makeup look for 2023 is shimmery eyes. This glamorous style uses light eyeshadow as the base shade and darker hues for a smoky effect. Grey and silver hues can add modern touches to this timeless look.

Full and textured eyebrows are also gaining popularity among brides. This dramatic look features brushed-outwards brows. If you need help creating this look, consult your stylist for advice on products and techniques.

Finding the Right Stylist

When looking for a makeup artist or hairstylist, it’s best to rely on recommendations from friends and family. You can also check with local beauty schools or cosmetology programs for job opportunities.

When choosing a stylist, consider their education, accomplishments, and personality. You’ll spend significant time with them on your wedding day, so feeling at ease is essential.

Make sure to clearly understand which services are included in your package and if there are any additional charges, such as touch-ups or travel expenses. If your stylist needs to travel, provide them with an accurate start time and a backup plan in case of delays.

Schedule a Trial

In addition to finding your dream dress, it’s essential to consider your hair and makeup for your big day. Schedule a trial run three to six months in advance to allow for adjustments. Feel free to provide feedback during the trial, as addressing concerns beforehand

is better.

Like buying your wedding dress, your hair and makeup should be professionally tried before the day. The trial session helps eliminate any last-minute surprises. Feel free to ask for another follow-up appointment if something feels wrong.

On the Big Day

Preparing a bride for her wedding day can be challenging, so the hair and makeup team needs an emergency plan in case of delays.

According to Bobbi Brown, it’s essential to bring images of makeup that appeal to you. Remember that neutral or pale lip colors may look washed out in photographs, so consider opting for slightly brighter shades like pinks, roses, or plums.

During the trial run, communicate openly about what doesn’t feel right. The stylists are there to help you feel beautiful and confident. Remember to tip your stylist(s) with a 15% to 20% gratuity, and bring a touch-up kit if needed on the big day.