Braided Hairstyles For Long Or Short Hair

Whatever length your hair may be, there is sure to be a braided style perfect for you. Make them even more eye-catching by accessorizing with fun accessories – like Alexandra Shipp’s chic side-braided updo with its sparkling rhinestones! Simply divide your hair into three sections and braid each left and right section around the middle one until reaching your nape of neck.

1. Side-parted Bob Braids

If you’re seeking an elegant, minimalist style that flatters your face shape and requires minimal upkeep, this side-parted bob braids style may be exactly what you’re searching for. Not only can it showcase your beautiful hair color and accessories while making you stand out, it is an eye-catching way to show off accessories as well. This stunning bob braids style features short, chin-length braids with bangs to frame the face beautifully and looks chic and feminine in any color, but we especially adore burgundy’s vibrant hue! Experiment with different braid length and thickness settings until you find the ideal bob braids hairstyle for yourself. Asymmetrical bob braids add a great, eye-catching flair that may just work better for you! Beads add another way of personalizing this classic style.

2. Double-colored Bob Braids

If you love the color block makeup trend, why not incorporate it into your braids as well? This bob braid style features one color on each side for a striking contrasted effect. Braids are already gorgeous on their own, but when combined with vibrant hues they take on even greater beauty. Purple stands out among this selection; black and red also work nicely if desired. Combine this look with metallic cuffs for a modern edge! Purple is an eye-catching hue, ideal for futuristic style and design. Here, it complements this girl’s blonde locks perfectly, creating an ultra-cool and fashionable style. Her bob braid style shows off her delicate collarbones and the blue highlights bring out her flawless features to create a great summertime look.

3. Side-parted Braided Ponytail

A sleek and classy side ponytail is a versatile style, suitable for casual clothing or formal attire. Additionally, this look works well when accessorized with beads or beaded wraps to add color or enhance natural textures such as beads. If you want to make an impressionful statement with your braided ponytail, try something unique like criss-crossing it or creating a faux hawk design – this look will undoubtedly turn heads! Add an extra glamorous touch to your look by accessorizing with a beaded bow or comb in your hair for an elevated sultry style, and stand out amongst other ladies at events or wedding parties. This accessory can elevate the sophistication of any look.

4. Side-parted Braided Bun

Use this hairstyle to achieve an edgy, badass look: multiple side cornrow braids arranged to form a faux undercut effect and create stunning braided side cornrows for a faux undercut effect. It looks stunning while amplifying hair volume. Add beads for an elegant touch. They will transform you into a royal princess and are the ideal accessory to complete this classic style at special events. This side-parted braided bun looks gorgeous, making it the ideal look for brides or bridesmaids on special occasions as well as for everyday wear or an evening out with friends. If you want to look extra stylish, a vintage twist can add to your style by braiding front strands into face-framing braided loop bangs or pairing this look with an updo for maximum volume and body.

5. Braided Updo

If you love cornrows but want to take your style up a notch, try this stunning braided updo. It’s simple and will definitely turn heads; for an added splash of color try applying color before braiding as well as beads or other hair accessories! This braided updo will elevate any occasion, from formal events to a day at the beach. Start by French braiding one side of your hair before twisting it into a low bun for an instant boho vibe that’s ideal for beating Monday blues or elevating weekend wardrobes. Ideal for women with long locks and made even more sophisticated by adding texture with gel application, this protective style makes an impactful statement about who you are!