Men’s Hairstyle Catalogue – Top 5 Hairstyles For Men

Are You Wanting a Bolder Look? Choose Your Looks Wisely

Your hairstyle can make all the difference in how people perceive you and enhance or hide certain facial features, so looking through our selection of styles could make all the difference in finding what fits. Check out the hairstyle catalog below to discover what would best complement you and discover your ideal style!


The Mohawk is an ultra-cool hairstyle, often associated with punks and rockers, but anyone wanting to express themselves through their appearance can wear one in various forms. While associated with punks and rockers, its versatility extends well beyond these groups. Wearers of this bold yet funky style are great candidates for making a statement about themselves and their individuality; men with short or medium-length hair also find this bold yet funky style an excellent option, as its structure can be enhanced using hair gel for maximum hold and design!

While a classic mohawk features an upright strip of hair with shaved sides, this theme has numerous variations, such as feathered mohawks, reverse mohawks, and the more informal yet creative-leaning hawk. Feathered and reverse mohawks may be better for formal occasions, but the latter style offers plenty of room to express oneself through hairstyle!

Another variation on the Mohawk is the fauxhawk, which resembles its regular version but with shorter hair. While most wear fauxhawks as an expression of individualism and individualism, some individuals believe this style to be cultural appropriation. It is important to remember that many cultures have long worn Mohawks throughout history and should not be seen as symbols for only one culture.

An Irish bog in 2003 yielded an amazingly preserved male corpse sporting a Mohawk haircut, suggesting this style may have been used much earlier than initially believed. A well-preserved mohawk may date back over 2,000 years! Nowadays, Mohawks remain fashionable among punk and rock music enthusiasts, IT gurus, and sales specialists who need to project a professional image.

No matter which style of the Mohawk hairstyle you select, it will make an impactful statement about who you are. With your flair for fashion and bold personality, creating stunning Mohawk looks will undoubtedly turn heads. Whatever Mohawk version or variation you select, get it professionally cut to ensure maximum effectiveness.


The mullet is a classic combination of short sides and long back that creates a layered appearance, ideal for men who wish to keep their locks longer while adding some volume or texture. Perfect for work environments or sports teams alike! The mullet provides men with a professional yet sporty aesthetic.

The modern mullet has evolved since its initial popularity in the 1980s and remains relevant today. Men can wear this versatile look almost any way they please; all it requires to have a successful mullet experience is finding an experienced hairdresser familiar with cutting and styling the cut to create your ideal mullet style that complements your face shape and personality.

A mullet style works well on most hair textures, such as straight and wavy locks. To achieve the most flattering style for this style, consider opting for low or medium-fade haircuts while keeping the back longer than the front of your head. For an updated look, consider adding highlights or two-tone coloring.

Reverse Mullets are also becoming increasingly fashionable, featuring shorter front layers that gradually get longer at the back. They look great whether worn with full or partial fringes and suit both short and long hair lengths; making this style an excellent way to experiment with different looks.

Pixie Mullets are an eye-catching hairstyle option for men looking to add some edge to their style. This trendy trend features a high-short tapered cut with short sideburns that blend seamlessly with longer locks at the back of the head. A pixie Mullet can be worn slicked back or with side parts.


The frohawk is an alternative to the mohawk often worn by black men. It can be styled in many ways, making it suitable for transitioning away from dreads or braids and towards more conservative looks. Popular among men who wish to experiment with their eyes and try new styles, the frohawk can be worn casually and formally for various events.

Frohawks are ideal for men with naturally curly locks who wish to add volume through pomade and gel styling products. This style can also help men manage difficult wavy or curly hair more effectively; always add moisture before using these products to prevent dry, brittle locks!

If you want a casual yet stylish hairstyle, consider this frohawk with a fine taper and clean fade. The fringe has been cut very short for an eye-catching contrast with the rest of the hair; additionally, its short cut gives an interesting contrast with its shorter length and spiky fringe texture that adds character. Perfect for formal or casual events alike – you will stand out!

Make a statement with your frohawk by customizing its pattern or color with colorful highlights to express yourself creatively while remaining comfortable to wear. Experiment with different hair colors until you find one that best suits you!

One unique take on the frohawk is to use it as an accent piece in a pompadour style. This look works particularly well if you have a long face shape; it will help balance out your frame and provide more of an angular aesthetic.

hair Design

hair designs are an incredible way to show your creative side. Fading works well as the base style, and colors can add even more detail. Angled lines and shapes can combine for an abstract design that stands out in any crowd.

Consider opting for a zig-zag design starting at your temple area and continuing up the side of your head with a taper fade – this hairstyle is great for men who wish to express their non-conformist personalities through bold cuts! The sharp lines will help define your face while emphasizing its best features; additionally, it makes for a short yet clean-cut amount!