Protective Hairstyles 2021 Pictures

Braids as a Protective and Stylish Option

Braids are not only a great way to protect and enhance the beauty of natural hair, but they also provide a stunning and chic look. With endless styles, one popular option is the long bob style featuring box braids.

Accessorize with Beads

Beads can be incorporated to add a captivating finishing touch to any braid style. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between bold or neutral beads. African-themed beads add an attractive element to African braids and represent cultural markers with rich histories of meaning.

African Braids and Beads: A Bold Statement

African braids are not only fashionable but also hold significant cultural symbolism. Adding beads can elevate the look and make a bold statement, whether it’s traditional Fulani braids, knotless box braids, or micro braids.

Ghana Braids with a Twist

Amp up your Ghana braids by adding a pop of color and switching between thick and thin plaits. Styling them into a high bun creates an elegant look suitable for various occasions. Transparent beads are recommended, but any shade matching your hair color would work, too.

Side-Swept Braided Styles

Braids offer versatility, allowing you to try different styles. One unique and feminine look is sweeping your braids to one side, drawing attention to your face and neck. This style works well with any length, texture, and even different colors of braids.

Polished and Professional: High Ponytail with Braids

A high ponytail with braids is a sought-after style that exudes polish and professionalism. To enhance this look, consider adding a fade with thickening effects to create the illusion of thicker and fuller braids.

Making a Statement with Bold-Colored Braids

Bold-colored braids make a striking and eye-catching statement. Whether you opt for bright or darker tones, bold-colored braids add depth and mystery to your overall style.

Vibrant Blue Braids for a Pop of Color

For a vibrant and attention-grabbing look, try using blue braids as a pop of color, particularly during the spring or summer season. Pairing them with other colors like pink and purple creates an exciting and striking appearance.

The Power of Red Braids

Red is a powerful and dynamic hue that can make a bold statement. This style works best with short bob box braids but can also be worn on medium and trim styles, emphasizing your face.

Creative Combinations: Cornrows with Other Styles

Cornrows blend seamlessly with other braid styles, creating stunning and modern looks. You can incorporate cornrows into traditional milkmaid braids or pixie cuts for a fresh and contemporary approach. Personalize these styles with charms or beads.

Using Cornrows as a Crown

An excellent way to showcase cornrows is by incorporating them as a crown. This works well with side-swept or full central cornrows and adds a touch of romance by framing the eyes and brows.

Halo Braids for an Innovative Twist

Halo braids offer a unique twist on cornrows and can be styled on any hair length. Suitable for casual or formal occasions, this style requires minimal crochet work and is ideal for those with natural locks.

Looped Cornrows for a Creative Touch

Braided hairstyles serve as protective styles and allow for creativity in partings and styling options. Coi Leray’s style combines the clean lines of a bald fade with intricate cornrows, creating an eye-catching yet casual and elegant look that is perfect for formal events.

Curved Parts: Adding Depth to Cornrows

Curved parts, or rope braids, add visual interest and depth to traditional cornrows. These twists protect natural strands, save on heat and manipulation costs, and are a popular choice for African-American women seeking a low-maintenance transformation without dreadlocks or extensions.