5 Braids Hairstyles for Women in 2021

No matter her preference or maintenance needs, every woman can find the perfect protective style – from knotless box braids to low-maintenance Marley twists – when it comes to braiding types for her locks. Plus, these protective styles help lock in moisture while stimulating natural hair growth!

Lemonade Braids

Take inspiration from Queen Bey’s Lemonade album cover and copy her sleek, slicked-back look with curved parts – it will look fabulous on all hair lengths but particularly well on longer locks! This style can also work for short or medium-length waves.

Lemonade braids are an easy and fun way to add color and vibrancy to your locks. From solid hues like Rihanna’s reddish-burgundy hue, to vibrant ones and even add-on beads for extra drama – lemonade braids will draw people in!

Add color to your lemonade braids by creating a stylish pattern. This style features thin braids arranged in an eye-catching zig-zag formation – sure to set you apart from the crowd!

Try opting for blonde if you want to add some dimension and color to your lemonade braids. It makes the style ideal for summer and looks fantastic with any outfit. If your hair is dark enough, golden extensions may add the finishing touch for an eye-catching diva look!

Box Braids

Box braids are an ever-popular protective style that can be worn in multiple ways, from creating faux hawks or pigtails, to adding color pops or an ombre look. Box braids offer many styling possibilities – make faux hawks, pigtails, or whatever suits your taste!

Big box braids are great for adding volume to your locks, but they can also be styled into an elegant half ponytail for a night on the town. Add silver strands for an additional unique touch.

If you want to avoid committingermanent color changes, try a silver ombre with box braids for an easy yet eye-catching style. This look can easily be achieved and adds flair to your style; you could even get box braid styles combining different hues, such as brown and blonde!

High Ponytail

A high ponytail can elevate any look, whether it is sleek and slicked back like Blake Lively or sporting soft Hollywood curls like Kerry Washington. Additionally, this style looks fantastic when worn with face-framing curtain bangs for added effect.

For an elegant take on classic styling, try braiding strands along one side of your head or covering your hair tie with an eye-catching statement accessory, such as Lady Bird star Saoirse Ronan’s silver streak from Adir Abergel hand sewn into her layers by celebrity hair guru Adir Abergel – though simply pinning ribbon or string would also work nicely!

Are you trying to add some flair to your ponytail? Look no further than Rose Byrne’s teased and mussed-up style or Camila Cabello’s curtain bangs as inspiration, or add cute bow or slogan hair clips like Katy Perry does to give yourself that extra edge.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are an excellent hairstyle option for anyone who wants to appear fashionable without using too much product. Plus, they work great for various lengths and textures of hair; just look at this lady who sports an exquisite long faux hawk finished off with braids – she makes the ideal statement at any party!

This lady has created a striking faux hawk from her gorgeous brown bob. Pinning up the top section and adding some decorative bits is an eye-catching style and so trendy for all ages! It makes an excellent statement.

For an eye-catching and striking hairstyle, try this full faux hawk for curly girls. This style is fierce yet feminine, and you can wear it any season; just be sure to use gel or wax with a strong hold. Keep in mind though, that natural hair might need washing more frequently!