Protective Braids For Short Black Hair

If you want to add flair and length retention to your short black hairstyle, braids may be needed. Proper braiding techniques can promote growth and help protect against heat damage during blowouts!


Cornrows are one of the most beloved protective styles for black hair. Not only are they beautiful and practical, but they can be worn in various ways that keep the hair away from the face and neck; one common way is with a low ponytail to keep hair out of sight and away from any potential danger zones.

Braiding cornrows asymmetrically is another excellent way to style cornrows and show off your personality. This look looks cute and youthful, offering more formal elegance if worn as two plaits.

Many people need to understand cornrows and other African hairstyles. They may mistake them for French braids or boxer braids without crediting their cultural source; this constitutes cultural appropriation, which takes something from one culture without properly acknowledging its source. Cornrows hold great cultural and historical significance for African origin people, and they mustn’t be misrepresented or misused.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are deeply rooted in African culture. This technique involves sectioning hair into square sections before twisting individual strands to form knots that can be secured with hair ties or bobby pins and worn for several days.

As a protective style, bantu knots provide an effective break from heat styling while stimulating natural hair growth. However, care must be taken as handling these knots roughly can result in damaged locks and stunted growth.

To avoid this from occurring, it is recommended that bantu knots only be created on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Intensely preparing your strands helps retain moisture and prevent breakage; a mist of hairspray or light oil may also be added for extra effect.

Mini Coils And Twist Out Updo

Women with short black hair have many braided styles available to them. Take inspiration from Gabrielle Union or Keke Palmer when selecting your braid type. Try a cute halo braid or long box braids with beads. These look elegant; a worn half-up style with a deep side part adds an elegant look or braids can even be combined with bangs to form a cute face frame!

Mini coils may offer longer-term protection than typical cornrows. Created using either Kanekalon or Marley braiding hair, mini coils may last for two months before needing to be tightened up again and cleaned out.

A twisted pixie protective style for natural hair is another fashionable and chic protective style, easy to do and perfect for special events. Wear this look alongside a stylish tiara for a glamorous princess-like appearance!

Two Strand Twist Extensions

Two-strand twists are an excellent way to protect your hair. With two-strand twists being an especially protective style, they can maintain moisture in your locks while minimizing frizziness, tangles, and shedding. They allow you to show off color or highlights without the risk of frizziness. Marley or silky braiding hair makes this style particularly striking!

Before applying twists to your hair, it is wise to moisturize it first with a leave-in conditioner, hair oil, or moisturizing spray to reduce any dry and itchy feelings and to help extend its longevity. Providing nourishment to the strands beforehand will extend their longevity and prolong their stay on your locks.

If you want a change, try this easy-to-install two-strand twist look for something fun and flirty! Perfect for adding length to natural tresses while giving an eye-catching style, two-strand twists work perfectly for any event and age, working well with barrettes, bows, or elastics with balls as accessories.