Braids For Long Hair

Braids for long hair can be both stylish and practical ways to keep locks off of your face, adding an adorable finishing touch to any ensemble. Hair braiding also reduces breakage and split ends caused by conventional strands. Plus, braids help retain moisture for healthier strands.

Reverse French Braid

Reverse French braid is an elegant way to add an eye-catching edge to any regular braid. Just as simple, but instead of switching the back strand over the middle strand and then front strand over middle, the reverse French braid picks up sections from outside for each stitch, rather than flipping it. Launch by parting your hair deeply on one side and dividing into three equal sections. Pick up a thin section from either the left or right side and add it to the section you are already braiding, flipping that section over onto its center strand. Continue this process until you reach the nape of your neck, finishing off your braid with an elastic tie or matte black hairpin to hide its elastic completely. Fluff up the ends to give a whimsical effect!


Cornrows are one of the most revered hair braid styles from Africa and worn worldwide by women. Adorned with intricate designs and patterns, cornrows take hours to complete depending on its size and complexity. However, your cornrows don’t need intricate details to stand out – even simple and small cornrows can look elegant and earn you many compliments. This girly halo braid adds an attractive feminine touch that is ideal for summertime! To achieve this look, divide your hair into a left, middle and right strand and braid each in an opposite direction from its original strand (either to your left or right). Add decorative hair accessories like gold cuffs for a distinctive finish or incorporate extensions into cornrows for thickened cornrows to enhance this unique style.

Pancake Braid

The pancake braid is an exquisite technique that gives your plait a thicker and flatter finish. This style works on every kind of braid imaginable, such as fishtail, French, and Dutch plaits – making this look ideal for anyone seeking a boho casual aesthetic. To create the pancake braid effect, gently tug at the strands to loosen them slightly – but be wary not to overdo it; even just a subtle bit of looseness will do wonders! Focus on loosening outside edges of each braided section. Additionally, products like dry shampoo, saltwater spray or texturizing spray may help achieve this look more easily. Create two fishtail braids and combine them into one low ponytail by wrapping a section of hair around the base to cover your elastic band, adding hair pins for extra security, or using extensions – for an attractive effect!

Wavy Ponytail

Wavy ponytails are ideal when you want to appear sophisticated. Plus, they help control curlier locks. Add texture using hair gel for more precise braids, then secure the look with an elegant ribbon. Make a statement at any special event like a wedding or graduation with a side braid to add texture and depth. Plus, pair it with high ponytail for more formal styling! The ponytail is one of the most beloved braided hairstyles for long hair, yet can often feel dull and uninspiring. By adding a braid, you can inject some personality and transform your ponytail into an eye-catching statement-making look. There are even ways you can further elevate its style such as concealing its elastic band or teasing up its crown – plus adding loose pieces in front of your face for extra flair!