How to Style Christian Bale’s Long hair

Christian Bale has been rocking his full beard since the 2011 golden globes. This style features a soft scissor cut with a gradual taper to the back. The hairstyle is short and only has stubble, so it’s best to use wax pomade with a matte finish to maintain the look. To achieve Bale’s look, first follow these tips to style your beard.

slicked back haircut


If you want to look like Bruce Wayne, try out a slicked back haircut. Christian Bale has been sporting a shaggier look since his golden globes appearance. It goes well with a beard, too, so you can try it out if you want to emulate his look. But first, you should have long hair to do this style. This hairstyle is not for everyone.


First, look at the way Christian Bale parted his hair. Often, he has a side part, but sometimes switches to the middle part. You can try the same look if you’re a fan of Bale. The side parting gives you a hipster look, and Bale can get away with it if you want a classy look. However, you can still experiment with different hairstyles if you’re looking for something a little more classy.



Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale are both known for their spiky hair, but they are not the only stars with wild tresses. During the filming of “American Hustle,” Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams have also sported outrageous hairstyles. Jeremy Renner, for example, has a zebra-striped shower cap. Amy Adams, on the other hand, is spotted with her trademark curls. Despite her flamboyant hairstyle, Jennifer Lawrence, who was recently photographed with a pompadour, wore a more conventional hat.


Jeremy Renner has always sported modern men’s hairstyles, but his 1970s pompadour looks are a little more outrageous than your typical man’s. Jeremy’s hair is not fake and he has his own curls and a perm! It’s a look that screams ’70s and ’80s! As an added bonus, the hairstyle is made from his own hair!



“American Hustle” is one of the last major players in this year’s awards season. A small but crowded audience at AFI Fest recently got a first look at the opening sequence of the movie and were blown away by Christian Bale’s elaborate comb-over. The movie is about corruption and con-men, but it also stars an FBI agent, a corrupt politician, and Bale’s young wife. Even though the movie is a comedy, it also features human flaws, which is a testament to its charm.


For his part, Bale credited the wig stylist for the appearance of his hair and acknowledged the process. The combover was created by gluing fake hair to the actor’s head and then placing the rest of his hair on top of it. It was then finished off with a lot of hairspray. Though the Hollywood combover is a lot of work, Bale is clearly proud of it. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in “Hustle.”

Shag-type layer style


In recent years, Christian Bale has gone through many different hairstyles, but the long hair he’s been wearing for years has become his signature look. With wavy and medium-textured hair, a razor-cut shag-type layer style would be ideal for this Hollywood star. You can copy his look for yourself! Here are some tips to get a similar look!


Adam Driver combines voluminous layers with a mustache and beard for a bushy, casual look. Emile Hirsch, who has bushy hair, achieves the shag look by sweeping it to one side and tucking it behind his ears. The look is incredibly cool and makes for the perfect movie premiere! Just make sure to keep up with the voluminous styles for the best results!

Curly perm


If you’re a fan of the 1970s, you’ve probably noticed that Bradley Cooper sports a curlly perm on his head. He’s wearing a tight ringlet curler as he gets his perm set. This is a bit of a contrast to Christian Bale’s recently straightened ‘do, but it works for him. Besides, it’s a bit different than Justin Timberlake’s look from the same period.


Matt Damon, a long-haired actor, got his first-ever curl-perm for his role in “American Hustle.” He was inspired by footage of real-life Abscam agents. Renner’s character also had a pompadour, which resembled Liberace or Elvis. Though the look matches, there’s no way to be 100% sure that it would be a good match.