Braiding simple natural hairstyles

Protective Hairstyles – 5 Simple Natural Hairstyles

If you’re searching for an adorable protective style that doesn’t require any additional hair accessories, look no further than this chin-length bob with peek-a-boo braids and its feminine silhouette – the ideal style for any special event or formal gathering!

Two thick matching braids are parted down the center and twisted around the head to form a protective style resembling a princess crown. Use gel or edge control for neat, untidy results.

Box Braids

Whether you wear a full head of box braids or just a few, there are endless ways to accessorize them for a stylish appearance. A common practice is a high ponytail style; alternatively, you could add cute and sassy pigtails for an unexpected edge.

Bring some color to your braided hair without bleaching its locks with blonde extensions and silver add-ins, which provide more subtle hues while allowing you to experiment with ombre styles without risking damaging your locks.

Add flowers or beads to your braids to elevate their look, with floral accessories emphasizing their femininity, while beads give your ensemble an ethnic charm. Wear a crown to add drama or sophistication; tighten for formal events while loosening for casual outings.


Cornrows are an effective way to keep your locks tidy while simultaneously adding style. This hairstyle incorporates many traditional braiding techniques into one breathtaking and intricate hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

Add fun elements to your cornrows to make them even more distinctive and captivating, such as having your braider add some tiny beads for extra flair.

Two cornrows styled with a central part can give your face a striking framing touch and pair nicely with fades or undercuts for an eye-catching effect.

Cornrows can be worn in numerous ways. From high ponytails to casual looks, there is sure to be an option that meets all your needs perfectly.


Twists make an ideal protective style choice for any special event or occasion, being easy to create and grow. Furthermore, they require less time than braids to style, making this look easier on the scalp than braids and offering many variations such as two and three-strand twists, flat twists, Senegalese twists, or passion twists. These classic looks provide endless styling possibilities!

For a modern and sophisticated style, consider pairing flat twists in a criss-cross pattern with a low bun for an impressive look that will turn heads at a backyard barbecue or black tie wedding. This look is sure to turn heads and turn many heads!

Add curls to flat twists for an exciting twist-out look, or rock-thick rope twists wrapped around your head in a high ponytail or half updo for something bold but straightforward enough for office wear. Larger twist styles like these make a statement without overshadowing everyday looks at work; just be sure to use leave-in conditioner or oil before bed to protect it!


Buns are an effortless protective style to add volume and texture to the natural look, while keeping hair healthy and protected.

Low-braided buns can be chic additions to any ensemble, perfect for various events and occasions. Additionally, they’re a practical solution when your locks require quick fixes!

Add an elegant finishing touch to your protective bun style by accessorizing with floral wraps, snoods, headbands, or pins for an updated appearance.

Space bangs offer another beautiful style to wear a bun with. Perfect for any event and special occasion, space bangs help protect hair from dryness while drawing attention to your facial structure. Achieving this look requires more precision than using flat twists, but with practice, you can accomplish this look yourself at home!