How to Care For Braiding Hair For Box Braids

Box braids have become a popular protective style, whether done with natural or extension hair. To maintain the best appearance for your braids, proper care is essential. Here are some steps to follow:

Make a Part: Begin by sectioning your hair into large sections, clipping off any strands that would get in the way. Create a horizontal part to form an approximately square shape (your “box”).

Separate Your Hair: Using a rat tail comb, experiment with different parting patterns, such as triangles or zigzags. Make sure the parting remains even and neat.

Incorporate the Extension Hair: Choose the appropriate type of hair for your box braids, depending on the desired look. Kanekalon is commonly used, but bulk human hair can be a good option for a more natural appearance on sensitive scalps.

Braid: To blend the extension hair with your natural hair, start folding one strip about an inch wide in half, as you would in traditional braiding. Weave it through each braid strand, blending in loose ends as needed. Take your time and practice to master this technique.

Maintain Moisture: Properly moisturize your braids to prevent dryness, breakage, and matting. Use products like Emerge Edge Control to tame frizz and create smooth and shiny braids. Avoid build-up by keeping the braids free of debris and washing them every three weeks.

Protect Overnight: Before sleeping, wash and oil your hair, then tie it with a silk scarf to protect the delicate ends and maintain the braids’ condition. Alternatively, you can style them in a casual ponytail or use Emerge Edge Control to manage baby hair.

Refresh and Redo: Box braids should be redone after six weeks to prevent damage. Wash them every other day using sulfate-free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase and wrapping hair in a silk scarf at night helps protect the braids from friction.

Add Style: Box braids provide endless options for personalization. Try different styles like half-up or adding colorful or silver strands for a fashionable statement look.

By following these steps and maintaining proper care, your box braids will stay in good condition and look great.