Hair Styles For Over 70

Looking stylish should never be difficult at any age. Choose a haircut that complements your face shape, hair texture, and preferred maintenance level to boost your confidence and feel great about yourself.

Pixie Cuts or Bob Cuts with Blunt Bangs

For a youthful appearance, consider pixie or bob cuts with blunt bangs. These styles can frame the face and give it a more youthful edge.

Medium-Length Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

Another option is to try medium-length layers with side-swept bangs. This style can also help you achieve a more youthful look.

Honey Blonde

If you want to wear a honey-blonde shade, there are various ways to do it.

Light Golden Hue for an Elegant Appearance

For an elegant yet softly feminine look, go for a light golden hue that matches the warm undertones in your skin tone. This honey hue blends copper and amber undertones beautifully for an alluring glow!

Wavy or Curly Locks with Honey Blonde

Wavy or curly locks look especially lovely with this intense hue on show. The rich honey-blonde shade pops when worn this way!

Straight Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Straight hair can still look chic and sophisticated with the right combination. Consider pairing a medium brown base with light honey-blonde highlights that frame your face. It’s an eye-catching, wash-and-wear cut.

Allover Honey Blonde Shade

You can opt for an allover honey-blonde shade for a bolder look. This color works well on both dark and light hair. Try the popular balayage technique to achieve multidimensional highlights without dramatically altering your base hue.

Fire Engine Red

Fire engine red is an eye-catching shade that stands out. Consider adding subtle accents of this vibrant shade to spice up a pixie cut or add dimension to a classic bob cut.

Muted Violet Shade for a Sophisticated Look

If you aren’t ready for full red, try a stunning muted violet shade instead. This deep hue contrasts beautifully against natural brown strands and exudes elegance and sophistication.

Add Vibrant Pink Lowlights or Fuchsia Wash Strands

If you prefer something less striking, ask your stylist to add vibrant pink lowlights or fuchsia wash strands. To manage the color quickly and make it last longer, use color-safe products and avoid overusing heat tools. Dry shampoo can also help maintain the color.

Short Curly

Women over 70 with curly hair can still rock an elegant and feminine style with short cuts, such as the stacked cut. This style combines elements of both pixie cuts in the back, and bob cuts up front for added height on top while still playing up your curls.

Enhance Pixie Hairstyles with Layered Bangs or Textured Fringe

Pixie hairstyles can be further enhanced with layered bangs that beautifully frame your face and compliment all face shapes. For a less dramatic and relaxed look, go with a textured fringe that feels comfortable while looking fantastic with any color choice.

Balayage Highlights or Highlights with Lilac Tint

To spice up your black bob, ask your stylist about balayage highlights or highlights with a lilac tint. These techniques can add dimension and shine to your hair. Grays will pop with balayage, and a lilac stain may bring out blue and green hues in gray hair for an appealing result.

Soft Blonde

Women over 70 can rock an elegant soft blond hue that looks natural. Ask your stylist to add subtle highlights like baby lights or tealights for an eye-catching face-framing effect in your blonde locks.

Long Bobs with Bangs

Long bobs are timeless hairstyles for people over 70 and make a striking combination with bangs. Wavy or straight variations work well, creating their signature look. Whichever version you choose, bobs can keep your hair off your face and shoulders.

Tapered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a tapered bob with side-swept bangs if you are still getting ready for a full pixie cut. This feminine yet sophisticated haircut can draw attention back to your eyes and brighten up your complexion. It’s an excellent option for women over 70 with broad foreheads.