How to Dress Up Braided Up Hairstyles With Gold hair Cuffs

Classic Braids

Classic braids are a timeless and elegant look. To add some drama, accessorize with gold hair cuffs. This will make your braids eye-catching and chic. It’s perfect for formal events.

Half-Up Half-Down Braids

Half-up half-down braided hairstyles are beautiful and playful. You can make it whimsical for a boho chic look or add structure for work or formal occasions. Dress up this classic style by adding extra volume, texture, or braided headpieces. An eye-catching zig-zag braid across the top of your hair, combined with a face-framing side braid, can add visual interest. This style works for all hair lengths and textures, adding femininity and flair to your daily appearance. Try a chic French braid half-up style with cute face-framing braids and an eye-catching flower crown for weddings, dates, or other special events.

Tribal Ponytail Braids

Certain African braided styles can be achieved without extensions. Senegalese tribal braids, also known as braided ropes, have silky textures that add glamour. These braids can be accessorized with rings and cords, which make the style especially striking. Create an impactful look by styling tribal braids in a low ponytail. Take care not to pull too vigorously, as this may cause breakage. Use two or three braid strands to wrap around the base of the ponytail, securing other braids firmly without the use of an elastic. Another option is to gather the braids into a high ponytail with beads and add an eye-catching accessory like a tiara. Pigtails braids are also a great option, framing your face beautifully.

Colored Cornrows

Add dimension and color to your braided hairstyles with trendy cornrows. This style features two center cornrows with chunky braids at each end, allowing your face to take center stage. It works well with any hair length, including shorter styles like bobs. To add an eye-catching pop of color, try a criss-cross pattern for your cornrows. Use a leave-in conditioner before getting these braids done to protect and strengthen your locks. Chunky cornrows, also known as goddess braids, are a popular and elegant style in African cultures. They not only look beautiful but also provide protective properties, keeping your hair free from heat manipulation for weeks. For an extra glam look, add beads for added shine.