Braided-Up Hairstyles With Weave

Fishtail Braid

This braided-up hairstyle is perfect for special events or daily wear. Create a fishtail braid on one side of your head and tie it off at your preferred length. Then, incorporate sections from the opposite side into the braid until you reach your desired size. Messiness is encouraged for added texture and volume. Finish off with a texturizer and hairspray. This style is excellent for short bob or pixie cuts.


Cornrows are a versatile and protective style that can be dressed with beaded hair accessories. Divide your hair into two sections with a curved parting and braid each side, adding small strands of hair into each stitch for thicker cornrows. Complete the look by twisting the lower half into a low-side bun.

Cornrow Ponytail with Weave

Try this cornrow ponytail with weave for an elegant and feminine protective style. It features a sleek ponytail with small cornrows that gradually get larger, creating an eye-catching hairstyle suitable for any occasion.

Top Bun

Messy top knots are a stylish way to add character to braided hairstyles. They work well for everyday wear and can be dressed with eye-catching earrings or makeup. Combine a half-up top knot with Havana twists for a chic style that complements curly or coily locks. Another option is the medium-length goddess braids with curly hair pieces, adding shine with clear beads.

Box Braids

Enhance your box braids with color, beads, and accessories for a stunning look. Create horizontal parts on the back of your head and braid smaller sections to achieve an attractive braided crown style. Keep your scalp moisturized when wearing this style to avoid dryness.