Different Crochet Hairstyles

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids come in various styles and colors, from tight, textured types to loose wavy ones. There are even options that feature an ombre or unicorn hair-do!

Face-Framing Bob

This face-framing bob is an impressive demonstration of crochet hair’s versatility. With its wavy texture and vibrant red hue, its contrast against her dark base creates an eye-catching contrast.

Medium Twist Braids

Twisted braids make an ideal protective style to last longer or are easier to manage than cornrows, making it the perfect solution. Not only are they stylish yet easy to keep neat and tangle-free, but their versatile nature also complements various hair colors, including those that complement dark skin tones well.

Medium-Width Senegalese Twists

If you’re in the market for something a bit different regarding braid styles, why not try medium-width Senegalese twists? They’re easier to manage than small or large twists and work well with any kinky texture hair. This style uses spring twist crochet hair, as shown, though any crochet hair would do just as well!

Voluminous Twisted Braids

These voluminous twisted braids make an eye-catching statement in any setting, from formal events and meetings to everyday office attire. Paired with a headwrap, these bold, twisted braids add visual interest while adhering to any dress code or dress code requirements. It makes an ideal look at work since it looks professional enough for important meetings or events.

Large Curly Twists

If you prefer bold and striking looks, jumbo crochet braids may just be needed to achieve them. Boasting huge wavy curls that create a sensual and feminine aesthetic, this style is sure to draw the eyes. To make this look, begin braiding close to your hairline before weaving straight down until halfway back; tie these into a high ponytail tie and let its beautiful wavy coils fall around your face for maximum effect.

Large Crochet Braids

Large crochet braids look stunning when styled into a side-parted, face-framing cornrow. Its combination of crimped texture and bronde highlights creates an eye-catching contrast that exudes both femininity and sexiness – an ensemble that exudes both sophistication and seduction!

Slicked Back Half Crochet Braid

If you prefer more casual styles, try the slicked-back half crochet braid style for a trendy yet casual look. Use a solid sectioning comb to part your hair before pin-backing the top half and finishing with Dove Style Care Extra Hold Hairspray mist for the best results.

Supersized Waves

Based on your desired wave height, various styling options exist. For instance, these voluminous wavy crochet braids feature tight twists at their core with loose ends hanging loose for texture variation – they make a striking casual look!

Brown Mermaid Bob

A sophisticated look, this brown mermaid bob features soft side-swept crochet twists with beads for an extra splash of color and is excellent for work-to-date night transitioning seamlessly.

Two-Toned Look

Never be afraid to experiment with new colors when styling crochet hairstyles! This two-toned look combines natural dark hair with vibrant magenta extensions for an eye-catching, elegant finish. The contrast between these shades creates an eye-catching natural beauty effect, while synthetic braids won’t tangle and pull out as quickly as natural hair braids.

Loose Curly Twists

If you want to upgrade your crochet hairstyle, try opting for long lengths like this wavy passion twist style. Opting for bold color options will enhance this look further; just be sure to hydrate your scalp beforehand to avoid dryness!

Crochet Cuffs Style

If cornrows aren’t your thing, this crochet cuffs style can also be achieved with straight hair. Braid up to the crown before adding crochet cuffs and finishing up with face-framing pieces.

Benefits of Braid Styles

The braid style is attractive and easy on your scalp, and it can last longer than traditional sew-in weaves too! Watch a video tutorial beforehand to make the process smoother – and use a non-crunchy edge control product as part of this protective style to prevent flyaways.