Braided Dread Hairstyles For Men

Men’s dreadlocks look chic and refined when worn in this sophisticated style. The tapered fade and shaved sides add an intriguing edge to these dreads that have been pulled back into a high top knot for added flair. No matter the length or texture of your dreadlocks, this updo looks youthful and stylish.

Space Buns

Space buns are easy to create and the perfect choice for anyone seeking an effortless but fashionable hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re seeking a distinctive and captivating dread style, look closer at this eye-catching asymmetrical bob. Its longer side covers below the jawline while other sections drape gracefully down onto your neck for an eye-catching appearance perfect for fashion-forward ladies and can be worn both casually and formally occasions.

Petal-Like Braids

Be creative when styling dreads by braiding them into petal-like shapes and pinning them up! This eye-catching hairstyle requires skill and patience, but the results speak for themselves! Additionally, this look is easy to maintain and works wonderfully on women with either wavy or curly locks – though note that it may become tangled more quickly, so use a volumizing product or leave-in conditioner before wearing this style.

Victory Roll

Victory rolls are an exquisite vintage style that can be worn today to achieve an authentic pin-up aesthetic. Create a large roll on top and smaller ones on either side to achieve an eye-catching, voluminous silhouette that will draw passersby stares and admiration. Curling hair for a more classic and refined appearance can also help achieve this style. It offers an appealing alternative for women who wish to add traditional elements without forgoing their beloved dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks with Undercut or Fade

Blend dreadlocks with an undercut or fade for an exciting and daring look to achieve an eye-catching and unique visual. Or go bolder still and try a braided mohawk – sure to turn heads and gain many admirers.

Medium Length

Dreadlocks can be fun to have, but some can feel too big and heavy for everyday wear. Try wearing small dreads or mixing in other styles, such as this fusion style, for a more stylish look. Try dreads with line up and fade for a striking and memorable manner that’ll turn heads. They’re sure to turn heads! You’re sure to turn heads wherever you go. Add some color to your dreads by weaving colorful strands. This will brighten the overall look and can be changed at will for different occasions. A skilled stylist will demonstrate techniques and designs that match well with your hair color and suggestions on colors that could complement skin tone and facial features.


If you want a casual boho vibe, this all-over braided look is scary. Featuring short dreads twisted together and decorated with colorful hair accessories, your stylist will show you various plaiting techniques to achieve this style and other fantastic dread styles for men. If thick dreadlocks aren’t your style, try opting for something thinner like this loc style featuring mixed black and teal dreads with a high skin fade. A criss-cross half updo is another beautiful way to wear dreads that will leave everyone speechless! Perfect for weddings and other formal events. Flat twists have also been added for added texture.


An elegant fade style is the ideal way to highlight your locs. Perfect for office environments and those wanting longer dreads but are concerned with them becoming tangled up over time, it provides a classy and professional appearance. Long dreads are easy to manage, making them the ideal option for those who don’t wish to deal with daily styling hassles. Add some flair by styling them into an eye-catching fishtail braid style. This modern twist on a pompadour works beautifully with either a skin or taper fade. Shaving off both sides highlights its tramlines for a striking effect – perfect for events or photoshoots! This style will ensure that you stand out.