Braided Dread Styles

Braided dread styles are extremely popular among African-American men. They are stylish, versatile, and can be worn with any face cut. They are particularly suitable for men with a short, square-shaped face. The dreads can be left long or tucked in the back. The style works for all occasions and can be used to complement a variety of looks. You can wear dreadlocks anywhere, from the office to a festival.

Braided Dread Styles For Men


There are many different braided dread styles available for men. There are some that are quite edgy, and some that are quite natural. No matter which style you decide to go for, there is no one right way to wear them. Some styles look very elegant and natural, while others are a bit more daring and may take a bit more care to maintain. Here are some ideas on how to make braided dreads work for you.