Braided Down Hairstyles

There are various styles to create an appealing braided-down hairstyle. From long, chunky box braids to shorter flowing curls, one will surely be perfect for you.

Senegalese twists (rope twists)

Senegalese twists offer a quick and effective protective style that reduces styling time while locking in moisture for a look that pairs beautifully with updos or crowns.

French Braids

French braiding is an iconic style that looks fantastic on all hair types, but is particularly recommended for medium-length locks since longer strands may prove challenging to style and maintain.

To achieve this look:

1. Detangle and partially dry your hair.

2. Divide your hair down the middle.

3. Begin braiding using two left sections crossed over each middle strand.

4. Add the right sections into your braid pattern until the ends are reached.

5. Secure with a clear elastic band or clip.

6. Add extra strands from the sides for an intricate style by weaving them through.

7. This style works well with a middle part and braid beads for a chic flair!

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are an effortless everyday style to keep your locks out of your face while looking neat. Long locks will significantly benefit from increased volume through Dutch braids, and adding decorative hair jewelry can make the style even more dramatic and attention-grabbing.

To create a Dutch braid:

1. Divide your hair into four equal sections.

2. For a more intricate style, create two Dutch braids on each side of your head and join them into one fishtail braid. Perfect for weddings!

3. Start braiding by flipping section 1 under section 2, then section 3 over section 4, until all ends are braided.

Upside-Down Braids

This playful braid draws attention to an often-overlooked area of your head. Simply braid from the nape of your neck towards the front in regular French braid fashion.

To create upside-down braids:

1. Separate your hair into three sections.

2. Begin braiding by flipping the left piece under and over the middle section.

3. Scoop in additional hair from either side as you work towards the back of your neck.

4. Secure with a clear elastic.

5. Add embellishments like gold string or hair rings between sections for an eye-catching finish.

6. Use Private Label Extensions Edge Control to tame flyaway hairs for a sleeker finish.

7. Wrap the end of your braid with thin bands or bobby pins to keep it from unraveling.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids have quickly become one of the hottest trends, embodying both casualness and sophistication at once.

To create a fishtail braid:

1. Divide your hair into two even sections.

2. Create a diagonal parting line by crossing a thin section from the front of your left area to the middle of your proper selection.

3. Cross another small section from the front of your right area to the middle to join the left team.

4. Repeat the over-under pattern until you reach the ends of your hair, tying it off with a loose elastic.

5. Finish the look by applying hairspray and combing through any flyaways.

6. Working with second or even third-day hair is best for easier styling.