Braided Down Styles

You’ve heard the term “braided hair” at some point, and you probably want to try it out. Braided styles are extremely simple to achieve and can be used for any occasion. The key is to find a style that works for you. Once you’ve decided to try a braided down look, you can begin by brushing that. Split it into two sections. Next, decide which side you’d like your braid to be.

Braided Down Styles For Blue Anime hair


This style is perfect for special occasions and can easily be achieved in under two minutes. A half-bun is another great style that is easy to achieve and takes no more than two minutes to master. Alternatively, you can create a side-braided bun that is more office-appropriate for a day at work. To achieve this style, you need to split that into two sections. Using a comb, separate each section into two equal parts and then braid the sections.