Braided Down Hairstyles For Everyday Wear

Numerous braided-down hairstyles are perfect for everyday wear and make a strong statement. Choose your preferred style based on length and preference.

Simple side braids are a chic way to keep your hair out of the way. Create a deep side parting and separate three small sections. Braid them tightly or loosely, depending on the desired look. Tuck the braids behind your ear for a cute and low-key everyday style.

Ponytail and braid combinations are a versatile way to showcase your style. Start by slicking your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic. Divide the tail into multiple sections and tightly braid each section. Add extra strands for a more voluminous effect. Fishtail braids offer a trendy option with an aesthetically pleasing symmetry.

Adding a braid to your updo can enhance its beauty. Fishtail or waterfall braids can transform simple updos into chic looks. For example, Reese Witherspoon rocks a sleek middle part and neat middle braid in the front while all three braids meet at the nape and form a high chignon. This romantic updo is ideal for medium to long hair and can be adorned with gold hair cuffs.

Cornrows are a classic braid style that can still look fresh. Personalize this style by adding beads or other decorative elements. Switch up how you part your hair for cornrows, such as creating side-swept cornrows for a romantic feel. If you want thicker and longer cornrows, consider a feed-in braid style by adding hair extensions.

Longer twists can make a bold statement. Pull them into a half bun or ponytail to keep them out of your face and protect the style. This stylish ponytail combines the front of a pompadour with a sleek back, perfect for work or school settings. Braided slickbacks are a great way to showcase your twists and add glamour with hair pins or hair oil as needed.