light gray hair color

Light Gray is considered the most boring and least desirable of all colors when it comes to coloring that. There are so many other colors that are more interesting, vibrant and creative than this shade. Many people would prefer lighter shades for their bedroom while darker ones for the living room, and even brassy colors for their bathroom and kitchen. However, when it comes to dying hair, you should be careful not to make light gray into white or vice versa. This would ruin your chances at a great hair color and will only leave you with unmanageable, dull hair that you are afraid to style and color.

Gray is still one of the hottest colors but it has been used heavily reduced due to its tendency to bleach easily and to fade quickly. So, you may have come to the right page in searching for an easy yet beautiful trick on how to lighten up gray hair with wallpaper! Read on to learn more about this versatile technique.