Braid Hairstyles With Weave 2020

If you want to elevate your braids, why not give Senegalese style a try? This incredible look stands out in any crowd and guarantees attention-grabbing style!

Tribal Ponytail Braids

Tribal ponytail braids are another stunning style for spring and summer months. They serve as an effective protective style while looking stunning with stylish beads.

Fulani Braids with Leave Out

Fulani braids are a timeless protective style. They feature central cornrows with side braids to form an eye-catching pattern on the head. Including blondes in this look with blonde highlights can help highlight all of its details and bring out even more of its charms.

Long Fulani Braids in an Elegant Ponytail

Long Fulani braids can be styled into an elegant ponytail for an updo that exudes femininity. This look suits women of all ages and goes great with various accessories. To give this style some texture, try pairing it with beads or rhinestones to complete the look.

Space Buns

Space buns offer a cute and youthful hairstyle for women of any age. Inspired by 90s style, this 90s-inspired hairdo is expressive yet playful. Add color for added impact! It looks especially striking when worn alongside Fulani braided styles.

White and Black Zebra Braids

You can have them done in any style you’d like, and they look fantastic on any type of hair – there are even specific braid styles suitable for girls! Iverson braids, made popular by basketball player Allen Iverson, are an outstanding example. Made up of cross-braided strands that form a zigzag pattern on the head, Iverson braids can even be dyed gradient ombre colors to produce stunning effects on the scalp.

Braids as an Emblem of Culture

Braids have long been seen as an emblem of culture. Dating back to 3500 BC, braids have served as an identifier of social status, ethnicity, and religion. Even today when black women embrace their natural hair styles, white people take advantage of this cultural legacy by developing their own braid styles and designing unique braid designs of their own.

Asymmetrical Bob Braids

Asymmetrical styles look striking on straight hair but also work beautifully when applied to curlier locks. Take this asymmetrical bob, featuring an offset side part that accentuates the curves of the face – perfect for creating an informal yet sophisticated look!

Box Braids for an Asymmetrical Bob

Box braids can add an element of surprise and color contrast to a bob. In particular, strawberry pink braids stand out against natural jet black roots for an appealing contrast.

Personality meets Style in Asymmetrical Braided Bob

Some asymmetrical braided bob hairstyles exude personality, like this one. Its tribal-inspired look gives off a tribal feel reminiscent of Nala from The Lion King. Perfect for red carpet events; pair this look with an embellished turban for extra sophistication!

Curly Bob Weave

Curly bob weaves are an attractive option for those seeking to add volume, layers, and an eye-catching edge to their appearance. When installed correctly by an experienced stylist, this protective style may even promote hair growth.

Sleek and Modern Curly Bob Weave

For a sleek and modern look, try pairing a wavy bob weave with side bangs for added impact. This curly weave hairstyle will surely turn heads as you walk down the street, and its natural waves help balance out its thicker coils for an overall more natural finish.

Endless Options with Curly Weave Hairstyles

No matter your hair length, there’s sure to be a curly weave hairstyle perfect for you. Quick weaves provide an effective way to try new styles without damaging your natural locks. Choosing colors, lengths, and parting options allows you to create stunning curly weave hairstyles without extensive maintenance. Plus, it’s super simple to comb out!