Hairstyles For Nine-Year-Olds

1. Side Part with Fringe

– This hairstyle is ideal for a professional look.

– Easy care, choppy bangs add softness.

– Criss-cross braid is fun and sophisticated.

– Suitable for little girls who love fashion.

2. Long and Ruffled

– Simple yet elegant style for school or special events.

– Perfect for children with thick box braids.

– Two low ponytails with loose tendrils.

– Adds dimension and pairs well with buttoned polos.

3. Brushed Back with Fringe

– Simple yet chic look for formal occasions.

– Ideal for showing off long black locks.

– Offers extra protection with box braids.

– Stylish variation on the traditional ponytail.

4. Side Part with Burst Fade

– Elegant and sophisticated hairstyle.

– Ideal for weddings or school orientation days.

– Wide mohawk with choppy bangs in braids.

– Distinctive style that turns heads.

5. Long and Messy

– Loose coils for long, thick hair.

– Suitable for special events or everyday wear.

– Accessorize with ribbons or bows.

– Criss-cross braids into high side-part twists.

6. Side Part with Buttoned Polo

– Easy style for school uniforms.

– The side part adds flair and keeps locks presentable.

– Braid shapes up the face for an alluring appearance.

– Stylish and playful look.

7. Side Part with Long Fringe

– Keeps long fringe away from the face.

– Quick and easy braided style.

– Adds an eye-catching accent to the strands.

– Ideal for special events and standing out.

This beautiful style is ideal for ten-year-old girls who wish to maintain their natural curl pattern without heat styling tools or other tools. It can also be combined with different curly styles, like messy buns or braided pixie cuts.