Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid adds an elegant touch to traditional braiding techniques. It’s recommended to start with second or third-day hair for easier styling. Use dry shampoo for texture and grip. Divide the hair into two sections, passing small areas from left to right, going under.

Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are an elegant choice for girls, especially if their hair has color variations. Start with a side parting and braid loose Dutch braids on each side. Combine the braids into a high ponytail at the nape. Pancake the braid or use clear elastic for finishing touches.

Two-Strand Twist

A two-strand twist is a versatile and long-lasting protective hairstyle. Perfect for active girls, you can add color, charm, or accessories to enhance the style. Moisturize the hair using the LOC method before twisting for maximum moisture intake. Start with dry, brushed locks for longevity.

Crown Braid

Crown braiding is a stylish skill for women, suitable for various occasions. Create two fishtail braids at the front and connect them in the back for a braided crown effect. Add hair pins and hairspray for a finished look. You can also incorporate flowers for a romantic touch.

Twisted Ponytail

Adding a twist to a regular ponytail can elevate its appearance. Try a large double Dutch braid into the ponytail for a unique twist. Tease the hair for optimal results and add a thin ribbon for extra flair. A twisted side ponytail with loose face-framing strands creates a modern and intimate aesthetic.

Side Braid

This side braid is a trendy winter look, perfect with caps or hats. The loose, low-side braid creates a feminine style. It suits bob cuts with long front hair and is also great for showcasing gray hair in middle-aged and elderly women.

Three-Strand Braid

The three-strand braid is a simple technique for beginners, with endless possibilities for cute hairstyles by adjusting size and texture. Brush out any knots or tangles, then divide the hair into three equal sections. Cross each left strand over and under until all three areas are braided.