Short Red Hairstyles

Bright red hues of these hairstyles will turn heads when you walk into any room, especially if your skin tone is lighter than average. Short red hairstyles look incredibly stunning on women with lighter complexions.

Pageboy bobs

Pageboy bobs are an elegant option for women with red hair. They provide the ideal way to achieve both intelligent and sensual styles simultaneously.

Deep Angular Bob

Side-parted angled bobs are easy to tame and pair beautifully with bold lip colors. Their long sides frame your face beautifully, softening jaw lines while widening cheekbones for an overall balanced appearance – this short asymmetrical bob is both sexy and chic!

Choppy Long Angled Bob

A choppy, long, angled bob is an effective way to add movement and texture to straight hair while at the same time taking away bulk in thick or poofy styles. Furthermore, its steeply angled layers add volume and shape to flat, thin locks, making this style suitable for many face shapes.

Crimson Highlights

Add some flair and dimension to your cut with subtle crimson highlights for an unexpected twist! This look works exceptionally well on women with black or dark brunette locks, highlighting their rich hue while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

Coily Hairstyle

Finding a style to complement it may be challenging if you have oily or oily-textured hair (also referred to as afro-textured or kinky). But with proper maintenance and some handy tricks, your locks can look both well-cared for and full of volume simultaneously!

Side-Swept Pompadour

A side-swept pompadour is one of our go-to hairstyles for people with oily locks. This hairstyle creates the effect of lengthening the face while drawing attention to cheekbones and jawlines for a flattering overall impact.


Braids are another way to show off the coil locks on your scalp, and there are various styles you can try, such as cornrows and box braids. Ensure your waves are clean and dry when arriving so your stylist can efficiently work with your natural curl pattern.

Rocker Pixie

This blonde pixie haircut with its modern, playful, choppy layers is both stylish and playful, perfect for those who prefer bold makeup and accessories.

Texture and Dimension

Consider including peekaboo highlights if you want to add texture and dimension to your pixie cut. The contrast between the light and dark blonde tones will give your locks an eye-catching, unique, and vibrant appearance.

Two-Toned Long Top

The two-toned long-top hair is an affordable way to look fabulous without spending much money. This style enables you to grow out your roots more naturally while giving your face a natural glow.

Color Splash

Color splash is another variation of the two-tone style trend that adds subtle contrast to the bottom sections of your hair, visible when worn loose or in a ponytail. Its crucial feature is ensuring it blends with your natural shade seamlessly.

Sharp A-Line Lob

A-line style haircuts offer a flattering alternative to the bob, reaching down to the collarbone with its trendy side-to-side asymmetry and being great options for delicate or straight hair types due to their sleek structure that requires little blow-drying or styling time.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights and an A-line cut combine beautifully for this striking look, creating the ideal style. Face-framing highlights and soft, wavy textures give this style its signature softness that flatters blondes so well.

Sleek A-Line Bob

This straight A-line bob, with its contrast between long front sections and short textured back pieces,, epitomizes sophistication and chic. Pair it with an adorable side part and curtain bangs for an exquisite feminine style that works on most face shapes. Light-hold hairspray will keep everything in place!