Protective and Gorgeous Braid Black hair Styles

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids, also known as one-layer crazy cornrows or boxer braids, are elegant and versatile. They can be worn long and loose or pulled back into a bun or ponytail for maximum versatility.

2 Layer Braids

Two-layer braids are an attractive protective hairstyle for black women. However, they can become mundane over time when worn regularly. To add some flair and make them more captivating, try adding a zig-zag parting to the braids or curling the end of each braid for an elegant finish.

Dyeing Two-Layer Braids

Dyeing two-layer braids with a lighter hue can give them an elegant yet natural appearance. Ombre colors are exceptionally trendy and can make your braids pop without wasting too much time on their appearance.

Side Part 2-Layer Braids

Adding pops of color to two-layer braids elevates their style and makes them more engaging to wear. Beads and curling the ends are also exciting styling options.

Middle Part 2-Layer Braids

Add a pop of color and creativity to your middle part two-layer braids by including different weaves at the beginning of each section. You can also try giving them a zig-zag twist for a trendy look.

Single Wrap Middle Part 2-Layer Braids

Single wrap middle part two-layer braids are another popular style for an elegant look. Add beads or other embellishments for added style.

Two Layer Braids with Bangs

This trendier hairstyle features a middle part two-layer braid accessorized with wooden hair beads for an elegant and feminine finish. Try adding an ombre style or subtle ombre effect with a lighter hair color for a unique twist.