How to Braid Black Hair Styles

Black hair braiding styles offer an expressive way to express oneself and showcase individuality. In African communities, someone’s braids could tell much about them and their heritage.

Rotate thick and thin Ghana braids to keep this fun style looking its best, creating a fashionable updo suitable for any event or special occasion.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are an appealing and culturally significant style that originated amongst the Fula people of West Africa. Versatile enough to work with many hairstyles, these braids also act as great protective styles.

Add an elegant flair to the traditional Fulani braid style by styling them in a high ponytail updo for formal events. This updo will instantly flatter your face and highlight your cheekbones while offering more flexibility than its classic form. Beads or gold ornaments can add extra glitz, giving your Fulani braids a personalized finish that displays your style.

Tynece, a Black YouTuber and model, wears an exquisite style of Fulani braids twisted into a chic high ponytail with a ring in front. Perfect for any special event and occasion, this look looks even better with drop earrings for added impact! You could pair this style with curly sew-ins to achieve even fuller locks.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are a popular protective style ideal for those with naturally curly or oily locks and can last up to two months with regular maintenance. They blend naturally with any existing locks while remaining sleek.

Thicker rope-like braids make a statement when pulled back into a high ponytail. To add color and flair, tie a colorful scarf around your crown using a headband, or add one with multicolored yarn for extra pop!

For a formal updo, wrap Senegalese twists into a big bun. Although this style takes more time and effort, the results compensate for delays!

As your hair becomes increasingly kinky, Senegalese twists become easier to maintain. Try Kanekelon or Marley hair extensions for increased longevity and an authentic, kinky look, or braid your Senegalese twists into intricate designs for an ancient Cleopatra-esque effect; alternatively, wear some loose twists pulled back casually for a casual style look.

Nubian Twists

Nubian twists originate in ancient Egypt and are distinguished by their tight coils. Unlike Senegalese and box braids, this protective style typically fits shorter–usually no longer than shoulder length–making them highly adaptable and customizable – from ponytails and buns to decorating with beads or cowrie shells to create unique styles.

Thick twists add volume and dimension to hair, making them ideal for creating high ponytails or buns. They can be combined with side Mohawks or hair accessories for an updo look. For something different, add red highlights; this hue looks good with any skin tone and will give your style an eye-catching edge.

Kinky twists are an ideal way to show individuality and maintain femininity. Slick them back for a classic, girl-next-door style or braid them into a fishtail braid for formal events – they even pair beautifully when worn with honey brown hues!

Micro Braids

If you want to stand out from the crowd, add colorful micro braids to your look. They provide an engaging way to express yourself, lasting up to eight weeks, depending on how well they’re cared for. Opt for synthetic hair extensions in bright hues like blonde, brown, or even ombre hues to protect natural strands from potential damage.

As always, braids come with many options when styling them – from traditional middle partings and side parts to diamond or side parts and diamond partings. If you want something extra creative and eye-catching, ask your stylist to add color with non-water-based low-shine dye for an authentic appearance.

To ease itchiness, try using a braid spray on wash day. It soothes your scalp while decreasing your urge to scratch – something that could lead to breakage of braids if scratching occurs too frequently. Also, ensure your braids remain hydrated by applying lightweight hair oils like Jojoba Oil that nourish and improve the elasticity of their braids.