Short Curly hair Cuts Men

Curly hair can be gorgeous and difficult to manage, making styling challenging. Luckily, various short curly haircuts for men can help highlight its natural texture and show it off in its best light.

Low Slicked Back Ponytail

One of the most fashionable styles today is a low-slicked-back ponytail. This look exudes professionalism and maturity while being simple to manage with just the right product.


The Undercut is an ideal haircut for curly hair that allows it to be styled in various ways. This hairstyle includes a long top that is either side or center parted, while its back and sides are buzzed very short for maximum versatility in styling options. Depending on desired results, this look can also be styled slick back, brushed back, or spiked back. Its popularity among men who wish to emphasize facial features or necklines also makes the Undercut popular among them.

Long Top

Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but the Long Top may be your solution. This style features longer locks on top that look great with a full head of curls and an edge fade. Although combovers have earned themselves an unfavorable reputation, they can look quite fabulous with proper maintenance. They can look quite extraordinary with good care!

Short sides and high fade for Black men

Short sides and a high fade make this stylish haircut ideal for Black men with curly hair. The density and thickness of the top strands look impressively complete against a curvier parting. Plus, there’s contrast provided by an undulated lineup at the side to add dimension.


A fade is an effective way to add a definition to any haircut. Incorporating it into any short curly style, its faded sides and back fade out to reveal skin for an uncluttered finish that fits any short curly cut perfectly. Add volume using hair pomade or wax for optimal curl control and shape retention.

Bowl Cut

A bowl cut may be needed if you have curly locks. Instead of letting your coils flatten out and go limp, pairing a rounded haircut with a fringe can help maintain their bounce and shape while detracting from receding hairlines by making locks appear thicker on top.